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thatjapanesegirl (or TJG)

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(UPDATED: July 19, 2011)

With a wide smile and entertaining videos, thatjapanesegirl (or TJG for short) is a vlogger whose YouTube channel I've been fond of lately. The Japanese cutie from Kyoto, Japan usually makes a series of entertaining videos while also offering some lessons on Kansai dialect. I think I began to follow TJG on YouTube when I did a random search on YouTube for "Japan and Japanese." One channel I came across was one "thatjapanesegirl." What impresses me about TJG is just how well she presents her material as well as keeping everything fun and entertaining. Just like my YouTube channel, the majority of TJG's videos feature her being filmed on a video camera or camcorder offering her material to the world. Her YouTube channel is reaching 30K subscribers (29,825 on my last count), so whatever is being done for her channel to blossom and flourish is working beautifully. She is a certified teacher of Kansai dialect.

THIS is that Japanese girl known on YouTube as... thatjapanesegirl:

^ from: - thatjapanesegirl, with her cute wide smile and unique sense of humor and entertainment.

--- Basic Commentary on thatjapanestgirl ---
I must say that I am very much influenced and inspired by her work and what she brings to YouTube. May not be anything purely over-the-top, but in just being herself and in just presenting her material the best way she knows how, TJG is one of the best (and possibly most underrated) YouTube channels there is. I can relate a whole lot to how she makes her videos and how I make mine. Our trades are different, but TJG is slowly becoming another inspiration of mine on YouTube. I have full respect for what this young lady brings to YouTube. One of her video cameras was one I was considering before I eventually got a Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5: the Kodak Zi8. One of her more recent videos features her with a cute pink Canon camera.

In another sense, she brings a different deal to YouTube on the Japanese front. Most people usually know of Tokyo and immediately think of Tokyo when Japan is mentioned. TJG's usage and teaching of Kansai dialect brings light to a different part of Japan. Kansai represents the western end of Honshu Island, which is Japan's main island. Any time you can market something different to a greater audience like us on YouTube, and as long as you can do it in your own acceptable and fun way, that is worthy of respect. She has even been featured in a TOEIC+ lesson as well as being interviewed by the Japan Times. So her star has really risen since making videos and earning subscribers all the while.

--- Basic Opinions of thatjapanesegirl ---
TJG is very cute to me. I think the signature feature of her is her wide smile. It brings out her cool character. Her hair is also very lovely whether down or up. She speaks clearly and is pretty good speaking English as she does with her native Japanese. Her knowledge and skill are wonderful, adding loads of charm and grace to her channel and videos.

In a figurative sense, TJG is as beautiful as sakura trees or sakura petals falling to the ground or on water. TJG is a lovely young vlogger with great charm and skill in all of her work. Truly an admirable and inspirational figure on YouTube once you begin to see more of her videos and gauge more of the personality she brings to her videos and channel.

Would I Want to meet TJG if Given the Chance?

Absolutely. Someone this incredible on YouTube is definitely worth meeting.

--- thatjapanesegirl and Thisjapanesegirl Preview ---
She has "thatjapanesegirl" as a primary channel and "Thisjapanesegirl" as an alternate channel. I will present a few videos of TJG to give you a preview of her channel and her videos. Please have a look:

thatjapanesegirl Preview.

Japanese Lesson Preview:

^ "Japanese Lesson? #3" on thatjapanesegirl

And this is one of her other kinds of videos apart from Japanese lessons:

^ "YouTube Hanami Party!" on thatjapanesegirl

Thisjapanesegirl Preview.

Thisjapanesegirl is more of an alternative channel featuring some random tomfoolery and other cool stuff. Here are two videos to prove the point:

^ "NEW TJG!" on Thisjapanesegirl

^ "Let's go to IKEA with Cakes & TJG!!" on Thisjapanesegirl

At about the 38-second mark of the "Let's go to IKEA with Cakes & TJG!!" video, she begins to make note of SHAYTARDS. Perhaps showing some of her video blogging (or vlogging) inspiration there.

Bonus Videos!

You remember I said that TJG was featured in a TOEIC+ lesson and in the Japan Times? Here are two videos to prove those points:

^ "TOEIC+ Lesson 35 (That Japanese Girl)" from SSEJapan (Smith's School of English)

^ "the Japan Times interview" by thatjapanesegirl. For the full text interview, visit: Japan Times Interview of TJG.

--- My Message to thatjapanesegirl (if she were to read this) ---
Greetings, TJG! One of the highlights of this year on YouTube is discovering your channel and videos. I really think our vlogging passion is alike. I have great respect for your material, so much so that I am looking to you almost as inspiration or having great likeness. If anything, you are a vlogging inspiration for all on YouTube. Keep up the great work with all that you do. I have great appreciation for your work and what you bring to YouTube. A funny thing about your channel is that for one video, you had gotten over 336 subscribers at one point in 2009. Now, you're nearing 30K subscribers. Congratulations on a job well done! You've earned your audience. Keep up the great work!

I am more of a blogger than a vlogger, but both of us have the same passion of sharing our minds either through videos or through blogging. I know I suggested you blog a little more often to discuss your videos. Best wishes to you in the future! I have always wanted to do either/or a video or a blog post showing my full appreciation of your work. You've meant a lot to me, TJG, and your influence still sticks with me.

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Thank you for reading!

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