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(UPDATED: May 27, 2012)

YMCK is a Japanese pop trio that makes their music completely with NES-style sounds. I love YMCK as a video game enthusiast because they do a lovely job of using NES sounds. Their music is modern while retaining old school charm. They don't try to be ultra-modern with their music. On the other hand, their music sounds so great, you almost wish most NES games back in the day sounded this good.

Think YMCK to stand something along the lines of "Yellow Magenta Cyan Black," an inverted version of the CMYK color model. The trio consists of Midori (the vocalist), Yokemura (music, lyrics, and arrangement), and Nakamura (videos). When you listen to YMCK's music, almost pretend you're playing a classic NES game while enjoying the modern sounds of Japanese pop. You're not going to find anything along some of the other JPOP stars I've mentioned in the past in my blog. What you're going to get is peppy and fun Japanese tunes with NES nostalgia. I think you really need to appreciate NES music to really appreciate what YMCK does. As for the song lyrics and such, I don't know them too well since I don't know/speak/understand Japanese all that well.

Here is where I send you some links for you to learn more about someone I just mentioned. Well, I'll let YMCK introduce themselves to you. So here you go:

And here is more of their music (recommended: right-click on these links to view these videos in another window or another tab):

Magical 8-Bit Tour (first YMCK song I've • ever heard)
"Go YMCK, Go!"
"Panic Racer"
"Milky Blue"
Rock 'n Roll Rendezvous (f. Takahashi Meijin)
"Cette Aneee"

Fun stuff, isn't it? YMCK is awesomeness defined in 8-bit style. Their music is absolutely fun. Give them a chance, and you'll probably agree with me.

More links!

YMCK official website (Japanese and English available)
YMCK on Myspace
YMCK's Facebook Fan Page

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jikoo said...

Nice post ! I love YMCK music. Others videos in HI quality here:

For 8-bit and pixel art lovers ! ;)

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