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Making MUGEN Better

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While MUGEN is great, it can be better. I've expressed a few ideas inspired by other fighting games to prove a point. I have about three interesting concepts I'd like to throw out there.

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--- Making MUGEN Better- Contest Types ---
All inspirations are based on games I've either played or seen.

Tournament Fighting.
Inspiration(s): Super Street Fighter 2 (SNES), Super Smash Bros. Melee, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

The concept of tournament play is for the ability to compete in a tournament to show who the best fighters are. The concept is simple- as few as 4, as many as 16 or 32. You can set up a tournament to decide on who the best fighter among a certain set is. You can even control who you want to control in the tournament and even set up simulated matches to determine next round opponents. You can even set it to where a Third-Place match is determined.

Endurance Fights.
Inspiration(s): Mortal Kombat (SNES), Street Fighter EX3

In the later stages of the very first Mortal Kombat, you would fight against two different fighters. When one is defeated, the other person immediately checks in. MK required you to beat both fighters in one round twice to advance. My Street Fighter EX3 experience shown that if one fighter fell, the other fighter checks in to try to beat the enemy. In the final battle in Street Fighter EX3, if you have a team of four, all four fighters will be used to try to beat Bison. A new fighter will check into the match when one team member is down.

Speaking of this element...

Tag Team Fighting.
Inspirations: Street Fighter EX3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Marvel vs. Capcom series

There are two types of tag team fighting- two fighters fighting at the same time, or a system where fighters tag and out to stay fresh. The Tekken Tag Tournament means that the team loses if either fighter of a certain team is defeated. MUGEN even gives you an option to end the match if one team member is down. I personally don't like this. Street Fighter EX3 has you fighting until the entire team is down. The Marvel vs. Capcom series lets you tag in fighters. When one is down, another will take over and try to win for his/her team. Some MUGEN characters have their own kind of tag system pre-made, but I want it to where you determine the method in which a tag team battle is executed based on tagging characters in and out.

Besides this, there is also the ability just to go have all fighters on the screen at the same time (especially two-on-two or two-on-one matches).

TRUE Team Battle.
Inspiration(s): King of Fighters '98, WWE Survivor Series

There are two methods to team battle- either assemble a team to compete in individual rounds, or have it like Survivor Series where the match continues until the other team has been completely defeated. A nice feature to King of Fighters '98 is that all fighters on the team are on the screen at once. Another nice feature is that you can determine the order of fighters for each match. Fighters that are defeated basically go to the sidelines cowering in defeat.

KOF '98 has a format where individual rounds are determined by the fighting order. You can't tag in fighters. The model I'm looking at has you tag in fighters while resting fighters rest up. I just wouldn't know if you would want to how you would want to tag in specific partners to your team. I wouldn't mind seeing as many as eight fighters in one match to join a fight. If it were also possible, I wouldn't mind a five-on-five (meaning a maximum of 10 fighters) compete in one match for both teams.

That's a lovely system to use. Do you have your own ideas to make MUGEN better? Comment at will!
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