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Chic Shorts

John Marine | 6/12/2012 10:58:00 PM |
(UPDATED: June 14, 2012)

While shorts are fairly casual, it doesn't mean they are ONLY for casual wear. A recent trend of short suits show that shorts can be chic bottoms to wear. This blog post showcases dressy and chic shorts looks. They range from chic looks to short suits and more. It is a chance for me to showcase other bloggers who show that you CAN wear shorts and look chic/classy/cute all the while.

So before I begin, I just want to remind you that this blog post concerns only dressy looks and dressy shorts. So do NOT expect to see any denim jean shorts or any seriously casual non-denim shorts.


JUN 14 2012 - added two more inspirations, edited spelling errors

--- Chic Shorts: A Recent Fondness ---

Here is a video look at a trend I've recently become fond of:

^ "SHORT SUIT: How to Wear the HOT New Trend! Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfried" - YouTube

For some reason, I've somehow loved the combination of a blazer with some chic short shorts (not denim jean short shorts, mind you). The common mindset is that all shorts are casual and can't possibly be made chic. Almost as if shorts are off-limits, leaving some to only wear dresses or skirt outfits (as far as leg-bearing garments are concerned). Recent times have shown that shorts are just as dressy as any skirt look or any dress look. Some shorts are stylish enough to be worn with various chic garments or even for a night out.

I often love females wear a cute pair of cuffed twill or wool short shorts. Those alone are good enough for even semi-formal looks. Certain linen shorts can be just as stylish to wear. But really, linen is almost undeniably casual. My preference in this blog post mostly pertains to classy short shorts, so I'm not going to discuss Bermuda shorts. I just don't really like feminine long shorts as much as I do short shorts.

So you have a little insight on chic pairs of shorts.

--- Chic Shorts: Blogosphere Focus ---

Here are some bloggers who are wearing shorts in chic ways. Please click on the hyperlinks to visit the blog post in question. You are free to follow any blogs that interest you based on what you see here. These are all Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

Chic Shorts: Maytedoll.

Let's begin with the deliciously sweet style of Mayte of Maytedoll. Mayte's style is very inspired by the Kardashian sisters. The Texas-based beauty put together a sweet shorts outfit in a blog post. Shorts sophistication can be seen in the post below.
"The Short Suit" - Maytedoll

Chic Shorts: keiko lynn.

There have been many posts where Keiko Lynn has worn shorts. Some of the denim variety, others of non-denim variety. This featured post showcases the beautiful lady wearing one lovely pair of scalloped shorts in three different ways. It is an older post of hers, but still a stylish post with three nice shorts looks.
"Three Times a Lady" - keiko lynn

Chic Shorts: tuolomee.

The beautiful American-Belizean Tiffany has a lot of blog posts showcasing her style. I have her among my Mexican and Central American beauties for a reason. One of them is in this blog post of hers. She puts together a cute look with a cute pair of shorts along with some suspenders. The result is a somewhat preppy look that's all chic.
"suspenders." - tuolomee

Chic Shorts: Always Maylee.

This blog post concerns a super-cute lady named Yi-chia who runs a blog called "Always Maylee." I learned that "Maylee" is Mandarin for "beautiful." This "maylee" lady wears a nice shorts look that is made chic thanks to wearing a classy blazer and a lovely pair of pumps. So take a look at the post below to see the lovely Yi-chia show you a chic shorts look.
"Blazer Blanket" - Always Maylee

Chic Shorts: Stylish Petite.

Formerly "Really Petite," Annie of "Stylish Petite" lives up to her blog's new name with a stylish look she's put together with shorts. The look Annie put together is a pair of blue linen shorts with a top and a blazer. There's BIG style from this sweet petite (she's 5'0" or 152cm tall) with this dressy casual look.
"Casual Linen and Stripes" - Stylish Petite

Chic Shorts: suki pooki.

(ADDED: June 14, 2012)
You would think a pair of non-denim jean shorts and some flats would be fairly casual. Well, the blazer Suki wears with this outfit gives the outfit a chic touch. Suki goes chic with this pair of shorts in this post.
"~make up~" - suki pooki

Chic Shorts: My Silk Fairytale.

(ADDED: June 14, 2012)
Let's keep it hot! Alina of "My Silk Fairytale" goes chic with a hot outfit. This outfit surely screams chic. You could almost trade the shoes she wears in this one with a hot pair of heels for a night out. Even in daylight, Alina illuminates with chic appeal in the post below.
"Citrics" - My Silk Fairytale

Chic Shorts: Glam and Fab Chameleon.

Cute cuffed shorts with a color combination of black and charcoal help set up this post. Jelena of "Glam and Fab Chameleon" styles a nice pair of shorts with a hot look. Let this Serbian beauty show you how to style a chic pair of shorts... or at least how she styles her charcoal gray shorts.
"Smoky Shorts" - Glam and Fab Chameleon

Chic Shorts: Aibina's blog.

(EDITED: June 14, 2012)
It is time I welcome a new blog to my discussion of various other bloggers. I recently came across a blog that would be too good to pass up for this blog post. A beautiful blogger from the central Asian nation of Kazakhstan features a lovely outfit showcasing the chic appeal of a blazer and shorts. This Kazakhstani lady's name is Aibina, and this is her chic shorts style.
"Look: Neon" - Aibina's blog

I may feature more bloggers if I find any more that I like. Contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or via E-Mail if you have a look similar to what I've posted from around the blogosphere. I will feature your post in an edit to this post if I like your look. Help me help everyone who visits John's Blog Space. Please?

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