Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love as a Motivator

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Love from others can motivate. Knowing that people and things vastly care about you and for you is as much of motivation as anything else. Imagine someone you love giving you the motivation to carry on. Imagine a parent knowing his/her child(ren) loves and supports him/her all the way through any such task. Think of a parent who feels he/she wants to make his/her child(ren) proud, because he/she knows he/she can never fail his/her child(ren).

If you are fortunate to have special people in your life, you don't need to look very far to get motivation. I was inspired to post this blog entry just thinking about people who get loving support from family, friends, lovers, spouses, and people like that- just to be motivated. I think about married couples whose better half gives one motivation and courage each day. It is a real testament of how powerful love can be. Actually, it was an old episode of "The Bill Cunningham Show" that got me into posting this. One man was morbidly obese, weighing almost 500 lbs. and standing 6'5". He's suffered from depression and certain other setbacks (as well as a poor diet) that has caused him to gain so much weight. These things have caused him to be in such poor shape. But if anything has motivated this guy to lose weight, it was his five children and his devastated wife.

So what makes love such a powerful motivator? The real proof is in knowing that either you care about someone or someone cares about you so much that you feel you can never fail someone. You do not have to feel like you are alone in the world because someone loves you and supports you. I know I usually say I love all of my loyal readers and everyone who feels enlightened from my motivational speaking. However (and with all due respect), there are much more important people in this world than I to offer love and adoration and motivation. I think it's sad if you don't have motivation and love from people close to you.

Someone loves you. Whether it's family, parents, lovers, or whatever; you don't have to look too far for motivation to get through each day as long as you have someone close to you who loves and cares about you. Some people can get through each day knowing someone close loves them. Be thankful and grateful if you are someone who draws inspiration and motivation from loved ones. You must also work to maintain such bonds to ensure everlasting love for some time to come.

Love from others can be a powerful motivator. Do you agree? Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Love is most definitely a motivator. My fiancee, my Mom, and my sister are my biggest motivators.

John Marine said...

I have what I call my "core four." These are the four people in my life I know I can count on no matter what.  They mean the world to me.
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John Marine said...

Completely agree with you dear John, love can and should be one of the main motivators! It's such a touching story about the man from the show... I think love and support from the others are very important for every being, even dough it's sad we sometimes take this for granted...
Happy Tuesday!! Thank you for each comment you left me recently!!

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