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Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots

(UPDATED: July 27, 2015)

The "Tardy" boots from Jeffrey Campbell can be thought of as the wedge sister of "Lita." While the latter boots are vastly more popular, the Tardy boots are just as respected. Tardy is a tough girl who doesn't compromise toughness for style. Tardy's the kind of girl in which while she prefers combat (based on her style), she wants to remain as charming and as girly as the "Lita" boots. So to help her cause, Tardy is a pair of combat boots with a platform wedge base. You can go with her in a number of colors, or you can go all-black with these.

So who is Tardy from Jeffrey Campbell? This is how the Tardy boots look:

Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots
^ from: - Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" boots. She's never too late to make a statement.


JUL 8 2015 - edited look of post, other edits

Now let's talk more about these boots.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots ---

Here are some figures on the Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" boots:

• heel height is 5.5 inches (13.97 centimeters) tall
• platform base is 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) high
• rubber sole
• various materials for the shoe material- leather, suede, velvet, patterns, etc.
• two-tone (except for the all-black models)

I read from SoleStruck that these boots run true to size, or if anything... slightly smaller.

--- Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Around the Blogopshere ---

So what fashion bloggers are rocking the Tardy boots in their posts? Have a look at these posts. You are welcome to Follow any blog that you like if you want to keep up with their own blogs.

Tardy Inspiration: keiko lynn.

This is Keiko Lynn. One of her latest posts showcases her sporting the Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" boots here: "On monster boots and loving Leo" - keiko lynn.

Tardy Inspiration: Amy A La Mode.

With a cropped top and denim short-shorts, Amy proudly wears her "Tardy" boots in "One day he will wake up and realize I am the one, then I will be gone." - Amy A La Mode.

Here are some other "Tardy" boots worn by other bloggers and other people:

"almost all white" - Shevahh

Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots - Lookbook
Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots - Chictopia

There are more bloggers who wear the "Lita" boots more than the "Tardy" boots. So therefore, I'm sorry I couldn't find any more bloggers who wear the Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" boots.

Video Insight.

(ADDED: June 8, 2012)
Here is a video showing off the "Tardy" boots in lavender and white:

^ "My Jeffrey Campbell Tardy's in Lavender!" - YouTube

How do these look to you? You now have some video proof on how these boots look.

--- My Thoughts on the Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots ---

I guess these boots offer the just right balance of chic and tough. "Tardy" makes "Lita" look soft. It's just that Tardy has that little extra that makes her stylish while also being tough. Tardy is just the girl who while having a platform wedge base, looks even more edgy and tough compared to the "Lita" boots. I am in no way crazy over any combat-style boots. However, their appeal is very much understandable.

These "Tardy" boots came to play and are ready to play. Don't be tardy for the party! :)

For more information on the Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" boots, visit these links:

Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" Boots - SoleStruck
Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" boots - Nasty Gal

(ADDED: June 8, 2012)
Or for you Amazon folk, check these out:

THIS LINE (left to right):

• "Tardy" in leather with seven different two-tone color combinations. Sizes range from (US Women's sizes) 5 B(M) US to 10 B(M) US.
• "Tardy" in fur with three different colors- one solid colors and two with patterns. Sizes range from 5 B(M) US to 10 B(M) US.
• "Tardy" in cork with sizes ranging from 5 B(M) US to 11 B(M) US.
• "Tardy" Fab in a multicolor style. Only in 5 B(M) US and 6 B(M) US.

Availability of these items is uncertain on Amazon.

If you want to look for more Jeffrey Campbell shoes, here is some cross-promotion: "Jeffrey Campbell" - John's Shop Space.

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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Those are some fierce boots! Have a great weekend!

xo, Yi-chia


While I am a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, these combat-style ones are slightly too massive though. The white ones one of the bloggers wore looked cute though. :)
I am more of a fan of Lita and Foxy shoes, maybe someday I will be able to get hold of them :)


I love Jeffrey, he's amazing, now following your lovely blog, maybe you can check mine's and follow back if you like it


love this post I would love to have some JC but I can't cheat on my fancy shoe we have some simailr ones that i just love 

thank you for your sweet comments like always !!!

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