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Forza Horizon Thoughts

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Forza Horizon was unveiled at E3 2012 to answer a number of questions about this one-off Forza title. This title made by Playground Games (not Turn 10). The main setting for Forza Horizon is Colorado and mostly centered around a music festival. At first, this seems like what the Test Drive Unlimited series SHOULD have been. I will be expressing some of my own thoughts in regards to "Forza Horizon." I invite my racing game fans to contribute their input to this post.

Do you realize I haven't done a blog post regarding the Forza series in a long while?

--- Forza Horizon at a Glance ---

I will show you now the official trailer unveiled at E3 followed by some other videos in case you're interested. Here is your first look at Forza Horizon:

^ Official Forza Horizon E3 2012 Trailer

And here are two videos with actual game footage:

Forza Horizon - 2012 E3 HD Gameplay Demo (3 minutes, 6 seconds long)
Forza Horizon E3 2012 Demonstration
(24 minutes, 32 seconds long)

Now you are ready to properly gauge my thoughts on this title based on the presented material.

--- Overall Thoughts on Forza Horizon ---

One thing I sort of fear is that the game does feature actual cars and not just generic, fictional cars as AI traffic. I say that I fear this because I know there are some people who'll lovingly want to trash certain boring economy cars. You know there is the occasional "fanboy" or "fangirl" who would lovingly ram a Honda Civic off the road in his/her six-figure supecar. Oh, come on now- don't look at me funny. You know you've played "Test Drive Unlimited 2" and had to deal with a bunch of idiot drivers in really fancy cars, knowing damn good and well they love ramming into and wrecking other cars like it's no big deal. I fear the same thing with Forza Horizon.

The Forza Motorsport franchise is very fan-driven. Part of me says this Forza Horizon game will really catch on and really exceed itself above the likes of the Test Drive Unlimited series and modern Need for Speed titles. You can actually drive around and challenge other drivers, screw up the environment around you (crashing, running over signs, etc.), earn points for stuff like drifting, and things like that. MUCH different tone of pace compared to the classic Forza games. According to a GTPlanet friend of mine, actual parts of Colorado are actually featured in this game. So some sort of authenticity can be had.

So my initial thoughts are that this one-off Forza title will actually catch on and be very good. Fans helped shape the Forza Motorsport series; and I'm sure the same fans will embrace, accept, and enjoy "Forza Horizon." Nothing to be skeptical of at all to me in regards to Forza Horizon.


Forza Horizon (OFFICIAL) -

Forza Horizon is set to be released sometime in October 2012. If you're a Forza Motorsport fan (or any gaming fan in general), how do you feel about Forza Horizon? Share your mind here! For the first time ever on John's Blog Space, I make mention to the Forza-exclusive message board you can visit from the fine folks at ForzaPlanet. Visit ForzaPlanet if you're a fan of the Forza Motorsport series.

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