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Cropped Tops

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(UPDATED: December 29, 2017)

Cropped tops are a telltale sign of warmer weather. They can either be tops to wear for hot days or tops for layering. Confident females show some midriff with cropped tops while some others layer cropped tops with other tops. My popular "Exposing Midriff" post mostly featured cropped tops as a way of showing off your midriff. While showing your midriff is a showing of confidence and appeal, there are those who frown upon showing the navel or showing off your midriff while wearing low-rise bottoms.

This blog post is about cropped tops. I will look at cropped tops on the bases of cropped tops in general and on how they are styled.

An early request... if you came to this blog post looking for material on showing your midriff, I invite you to visit my popular blog post "Exposing Midriff." This post only talks about cropped tops. Here is my popular post: "Exposing Midriff" - John's Blog Space.


DEC 29 2017 - edited look of post and added more material

Cropped Tops at a Glance

cropped tops
^ from: amazon.com - Want to show your midriff? You can with cropped tops!

It used to be that cropped tops were a way to cool off on hot days. Cropped tops also serve as tops to wear to show off your midriff. Maybe you wanted to show off how attractive your belly looks. Maybe you want to show off that navel piercing or lower back tattoo (or "tramp stamp" as some call them). As a self-professed '80s-born '90s child, one aspect of '90s fashion I adored was cropped tops and showing of the navel. I always considered a female's belly to be one of the most attractive features. In fact, it comprises one of what I like to call the "three B's" that makes a female attractive- belly, butt, and breasts.

Many in today's culture frown upon or don't like showing midriff. As layering became popular starting in about the mid-2000s, cropped tops ranging from T-shirts to sweaters and shrugs were layered over tops to add flavor to outfits. So for example... a female could wear a basic white T-shirt or tank top, then wear a black cropped T-shirt over it to come up with a unique look. The cropped black T-shirt could have been worn alone to allow for the female to show off her midriff. However, she chose to layer the cropped shirt over a basic T-shirt or tank top for a unique layered look.

The popularity of high-waist bottoms has led to more females having more confidence showing off midriff. You were still wearing a cropped top- only difference is that you don't have to worry about showing off your lower belly or lower back because you're covered with high-waist bottoms. Usually, the most common look with cropped tops and high-waist bottoms is often pairing a cropped top with high-waist denim shorts. Those who love American Apparel often wear some of American Apparel's cropped tops along with high-waist American Apparel pants or shorts. Some only show a little bit of midriff between the cropped top and high-waist bottoms, but the exposure of midriff is modest to where one can enjoy showing some skin, while not going to the level of showing the navel (especially those who aren't confident enough to show their belly).

Now that you know about cropped tops, it's time to look at a few ways they are styled.

Cropped Tops: Schools of Thought

Consider the following in regards to wearing cropped tops...

Cropped Tops: Layering.

layering cropped top
^ from: remijanestyle.wordpress.com (best I could find) - Wearing a cropped top over longer tops is a good way to layer while also adding a little extra style.

Rather than bare midriff, most choose to layer cropped tops over longer tops. The '90s type would consider this to be a cop out of wearing midriff-bearing cropped tops. Almost as if the female wanted to wear a cropped top, but chose to wear a cropped top while also wearing something covering one's midriff. The look can actually be acceptable if you prefer cropped tops to be worn as showing midriff.

If you are one of the ones who argue against cropped tops being layered, some cropped tops were made for layering. A see-through or mesh cropped top would be too risqué if not wearing even a bra or bikini top underneath.

Cropped Tops: With High-Waisted Bottoms.

cropped top with high-waist bottoms
^ from: asos.com - Show your midriff, but don't overdo it showing your navel or lower belly- so is the mindset of wearing a cropped top with high-waist bottoms. High-waist bottoms (or at least bottoms that rise at or above the navel) will suffice for most not wanting to show excess amounts of midriff.

The other way cropped tops have been styled are with high-waist tops. It is almost as if you want to wear a short shirt, but still want to maintain a modicum of modesty and not feel promiscuous. A cropped top with high-waisted bottoms is a very common look as seen mostly in American Apparel ads. This gives not-as-confident females the chance to show some midriff while not exposing most of the belly or (especially) the navel. On most figures, most high-waist bottoms extend up to or near the navel. This gives most females the chance to show off midriff from above the navel to below the bust line.

Sometimes, a cropped top falls far enough to where midriff isn't exposed.

Cropped Tops: The Classic Way.

classic crop top
^ from: guess.com - The confident female would wear a cropped top showing midriff.

To me, I think there is a reason why you wear cropped tops- confidence. Confidence in your body, confidence in your style, and confidence in your charm. It takes a certain amount of acceptance and charm for a female to wear such short tops as a casual outfit. One female may enjoy the look and feel of sporting a cropped top. Either that, or she has an amazing set of abs or a lower back tattoo that she wants to show off to others.

Regardless, cropped tops were meant to be worn by those confident and comfortable showing their midriff. They are also for those looking to stay cool on warm days.

Cropped Tops: '90s Style.

90s cropped top
^ from: fashionista.com - Cropped top with low-rise jeans. REALLY confident females really showcase their midsection in such a provocative way.

You know one thing I can't stand about certain people? They will lovingly praise the '80s and '80s fashion for almost anything but think the '90s was such a horrible decade. Or at least... praise the early '90s. Like girls would complain or have some so-so memories of wearing flared jeans with platform shoes. Heck- I LOVED that look! However, some dislike such a look, saying that it's too Spice Girl-like. Well, at least it's better than a lot of the trashy looks of today, and worlds better than some of the unappealing '80s styles people praise so much.

Ranting aside (and back on topic)... one trademark of the '90s (especially the mid-late 1990s) was in navel-bearing and midriff-bearing, especially in the way Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera shown off their lovely midsections. The reason why I praised the midriff looks of the '90s was because it was daring. Of the three B's (belly, butt, breasts), I consider the belly to be the most beautiful feature of almost any female. I've seen everything from tops unbuttoned upwards to show the navel to proper cropped tops baring a girl's midriff.

Sometimes, the cropped top look of the late 1990s were a bit TOO daring. I remembered seeing sale papers and certain online stores featuring low-rise jeans as well as frayed-waist jeans that were low-rise. There is a reason why I divided the "classic way" and "'90s style" in two individual sections- the '90s style of wearing cropped tops is much more daring by wearing cropped tops with low-rise bottoms.

Cropped Tops Around the Blogosphere

So how do other bloggers wear their cropped tops? You're about to find out with these posts I've found. Each one features cropped tops being worn in some sort of way. I will try to incorporate as many cropped top wearing varieties as possible. Since these are mostly Blogger/Blogspot blogs, you are free to Follow anyone's blog who greatly interests you. A blog that is not on Blogger/Blogspot will be noted in parentheses.

Each of these following blog posts feature the blogger herself sporting a cropped top. They were confident enough to wear cropped tops... are you? Each of the featured bloggers wear cropped tops in some sort of way. Check out the description and feel free to visit any blogs that interest you based on the descriptions I provide.

Cropped Tops: Little Petite.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful women in all of blogging, Adriana of "Little Petite" showcases some cropped top style by wearing a cropped top with a maxi skirt. Let the California-born Adriana show you how she rocks the cropped top in this post:
"Cropped top with maxi" - Little Petite

Cropped Tops: GABIFRESH.

It is especially daring for a plus-sized female like Gabrielle (Gabi) Gregg to go with a cropped top. One I selected from GABIFRESH was a cropped top she wore along with a skirt. Even plus size divas can wear cropped tops proudly.
"Forever 21+Giveaway" - GABIFRESH.

Cropped Tops: KARLA'S CLOSET.

In a trip to New York City, Karla goes out with a classy look. This young lady has a unique sense of style and charm most other bloggers can't match or better. Only a sliver of midriff is shown with the bandeau top she wears in the post I am about to feature. This is Karla wearing a cropped top with a classy outfit.
"Stroll in the City" - KARLA'S CLOSET.

Cropped Tops: yoonanimous (Wordpress).

A cropped sweater is worn with a lovely pair of high-waist flare jeans by Yoona of yoonanimous. While it features other ways to wear high-waist jeans, I am highlighting only on the cropped sweater look to the following post...
"ways to wear: high-rise jeans" - yoonanimous (Wordpress Blog).

Cropped Tops: Deconstruction.

This was a blog I featured in a revision of my "Making Your Own Clothes" blog. The blog is called Deconstruction, and features a beautiful young lady named Mackenzie. Mackenzie either makes her own fashions or features very affordable fashions. Either way, this beautiful young lady has great style. I will feature two posts from her- one with a proper cropped top, and another featuring a maxi dress that she re-worked to be a maxi skirt.
• Mackenzie is ready for a lovely casual day in "Bike Ride" on Deconstruction, and she goes Bohemian using some of her own sewing magic in "Bohemian Beauty" on Deconstruction.

Cropped Tops: Maytedoll.

Mayte is an absolultely beautiful lady. Her style inspiration is almost completely driven by the Kardashians. A lot of her posts usually bear inspiration from celebrity fashion. All she does is showcase her style to the blogosphere the way she thinks fashion is. I previously mentioned her in my blog post on the Steve Madden "Viktoree" pumps. Now, I feature the Dallas, Texas, USA resident again. She wears a cropped sweater along with jeans tucked into some lace-up mid-calf boots. Check her out in this post:
"who says a sweater can be boring!!!" - Maytedoll.

Cropped Tops: tiny sailor.

One has to think that a girl into beach culture should have no problem finding cropped tops and other warm weather-appropriate outfits. Well, Niki of "tiny sailor" doesn't disappoint. This young blogger showcases some of her cropped top styles in these two posts (among several others):
"up the creek." - tiny sailor
"tie-dye." - tiny sailor

Cropped Tops: indie.electronic.alternative.

The queen of all things left of the mainstream, Danielle, showcases her amazing body in a bold orange cropped top. She shows some '70s chic in this post:
"orange crush" - indie.electronic.alternative.

Cropped Tops: Glam Kitten's Litter Box.

For the first time on John's Blog Space, I salute one of my most recent blogging friends- Bonnie of "Glam Kitten's Litter Box." This fashionable lady shows some cropped top style in this old blog post of hers:
"Hello, 2012! Let's have some fun this year. - Photo Shoot" - Glam Kitten's Litter Box

More posts may be added in the future if I find some more interesting posts.

Cropped Tops: Final Thoughts

Wearing a cropped top is good for a number of reasons. The biggest of which (outside of style) is to stay cool on warm/hot days. Fashionable females have found many ways to wear cropped tops, including to wear them over longer tops. Some choose to wear cropped tops but with high-waisted bottoms. Many others simply wear cropped tops because of the confidence of their looks and in feeling great wearing cropped tops.

No matter how you sport the cropped top, you know there are many ways to wear and style a cropped top. However you wear them, you're wearing something only confident and fashionable females can wear.


If you want to shop for some cropped tops, please search through this widget and do some shopping:

Cropped tops on ShopStyle:

Cropped tops on Amazon:

Just look around and shop for any that you like. Your business would be greatly appreciated if you do find any items you like.

Cross-Promotion and Other Reading

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^ (ADDED: July 17, 2014) This post is a commentary piece regarding the exposing of midriff now compared to then.

Thank you for visiting John's Blog Space (and my other blogs)!

Rock them cropped tops. :) Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I like crop tops!! I don't think they are for my body type but they look great on others!

John Marine said...

I think crop tops are cute, I have a few, but I wear them with tank tops underneath.  Maybe one day I'll lose enough weight to be able to wear them alone and not look ridiculous...lol.  Nice post as always. :)


John Marine said...

cropped tops are very cute,I like them with a bare midriff but layering is hust fine as well! :)

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