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You feel it. You experience it. You may even have to live with it. After damage comes pain. Pain is that period where we have been weakened as a result of taking some sort of damage. We become weakened and hopeful the pain can be reversed, if at all possible. While we never want to experience pain, part of life involves taking damage. While pain may linger, one always hopes to recover from any pain experienced. Taking pain doesn't mean you have to live with it. Living with pain only fuels our desire to recover. Maintaining good faith and remaining hopeful can help ease the pain and help us recover. This blog post is a from-the-heart post regarding pain in our lives.

Damage, Pain, Recovery.

While this blog post is about pain, there is a process that is involved in regards to pain.

• Someone or something deals damage to a certain subject.
• The pain endured brings us to a weakened state.
• Our biggest hope is to be able to recover from the pain endured from damage.

When something damages us, pain is impending. The pain we suffer hopefully can be reversed so we can live with certain amounts of pain for a much shorter duration. Some pain, however, can be deep. Experiencing pain is a tough proposition. However, it's a part of life.

Experiencing Pain.

The feeling of pain is tough to endure and experience. Something or someone attacks us to where we break down and become weak. Pain can linger and get even worse depending on the level of damage sustained.

Everyone endures some sort of pain. Think about such people... a person may have certain health conditions and may struggle to perform even basic tasks (or at least, tasks easily performed by healthy humans). A person may have suffered an incident that limits their mobility and health and constantly feels pain. The love of one's life cheats, leaving one lover jilted and heartbroken. A friend or family member dies or is killed, and that person can't believe such a cruel fate was dealt to that loved one. Someone within an ethnic community or a certain culture is dead or killed. That community feels the pain endured by one's passing. Or even imagine certain people feel dissatisfied with corrupt political leaders or high-ranking officials tearing apart a city or even an entire nation.

Pain can even be comical. Think about the pain endured when someone loses a bet. That person may have to live with the pain of losing such a bet. It's comical pain since it isn't serious or life-threatening.

Sometimes, while pain itself can be bad, pain can sometimes be good in helping us be better and stronger. There is a concept of tough love- whereas we subject the ones we love to painful situations in hopes of straightening out the lives of those who need a reality check or to understand important life lessons. We use pain in this sense to try to right others' wrongs. Enduring pain from these life-altering moments can help us look inside of ourselves, realize our wrongs, and make ourselves stronger for the future by making better decisions in our lives.

You can have physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain, financial pain, and other kinds of pain in your life. What is most important is the ability and desire to fight the pain and make the most of your life regardless. It is important to try to look for ways to ease or even eliminate pain we suffer in life. Sometimes, you have to live with pain. But, why?

Why Live With Pain?

This is kind of like a sports mentality. If you are losing a sporting event by a huge margin, why keep playing if you know you're going to lose? You keep playing hard because you know you may have a chance to reverse your misfortune and potentially win the event when all hope seemed lost. Why continue to drive a car on its last legs? You are trying to push the reliability of that car as far as you can even if it may finally give out on you.

So do you see the motivational message here? Right- you can live with pain, but it takes a strong person to be stronger than the pain he/she is enduring to be able to live with the pain and make the most out of life while in a weakened state. Damage and pain will bring you down, but you need to be strong enough to withstand pain. Be stronger than the weight of the pain you're suffering. There may be the unfortunate circumstance where you face pain that can not be reversed. In these cases, I think this just means you have to make yourself stronger to live with the pain without letting pain take over your life. You may even need the strength and encouragement of others to help you get over your pain. Whatever it takes- just give yourself the confidence and the hope to get over your pain.

Now comes some calming words for anyone dealing with some sort of pain in their lives.

--- My Hopes for Those Dealing With Pain ---

Sometimes, I often wish a doctor could reverse all the pain we suffer in our lives. I sometimes wish all pain can be cured either with bandages and ointment or by some sort of medicine. Life, however, doesn't allow for all ailments to be cured medically.

If we could endure pain and quickly be able to overcome it, this would be a non-issue. However, life deals us cruel fates. The weight of our pain is too much for us to bear. Some people just give up on life and let pain take them over. Some others try to get help or make themselves stronger to outweigh the weight of our pain. I hope everyone dealing with pain can be able to reverse that pain and make themselves stronger for the future. If certain kinds of pain can be reversed, I hope you are able to recover from your pain. Remain strong and keep good faith. If your pain involves health problems, I hope doctors and nurses can help you to feel better. Even if certain factors limit you from performing certain tasks properly on your own, my hope for you is to feel better.

I hate seeing honest-to-goodness people suffer in some sort of way. I often think that trying to address and attend to peoples' pain is a way to win their respect. Helping someone in any sort of way (and knowing I've done something right) makes me happy and helps my reputation with others. While one may have pain, as someone who loves to try to help others, I feel happy when pain can be simply eased, let alone eliminated. You don't have to live with pain. ANYTHING to help offer some positivity and hope is something worth aiming for and doing. I want recovery in your life after having to deal with pain.

Random Music Quotes on Pain.

Here are some motivational quotes on pain from music:

"Sometimes you got go through the pain to experience the joy." -Danity Kane

"'s gonna hurt, but it heals to..." -Leona Lewis

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..." -Kelly Clarkson (but said several times before by others)

"I'm a survivor, I'm not gon' give up, I'm not gon' stop, I'm gon' work harder... -Beyoncé

Simply put:

Be stronger than the weight of the pain you're suffering. Just because you can live with pain doesn't mean you have to let it take you over. Give yourself the power to recover from your pain, if recovery from pain is possible for you. It just takes determination and promise along with good faith.

And as always, "John's Blog Space" is a positive space. So I hope I've inspired and motivated you to take on pain better and be stronger than you were previously. Thank you for reading. Best wishes and kindest regards to all of you. And more than ever- I want the absolute best for you. Take care, be safe, and I grant you many blessings and good fortune in your life.

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John Marine said...

Great post and thank you for stopping by my blog. Pain unforgettably is very real but we are lucky that we can heal from it when we chose to. I will make sure I check our your ads or sponsors when I come and visit. Have a beautiful day!!

John Marine said...

very good post john!!!

pain is something we all experience in our lifetime...regardless of our social status!!

John Marine said...

Pain is something that is, unfortunately, necessary to our existence.  I wish it wasn't that way, but it helps us value the good times even more.
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