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Belly Dancing

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(UPDATED: March 1, 2012)

Belly dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of dancing anywhere. It is a style where undulating movements, back bends, and daring balance acts all result in some of the most beautiful and graceful dances of any kind. I don't know the entire history of belly dancing, but I have heard that in the past, women were not allowed to show their bellies when dancing. When you hear sexy Middle Eastern-style music and a beautiful lady in a lovely belly dancing outfit, she is ready to wow you with her moves and her appeal. Belly dancing can be both artistic and even sensual. There is true appeal to watching a belly dancer dance both gracefully and even add some sexy charm to it all. Some even dare try some bold moves- such as dancing with fire, dancing with snakes, and more. What guy doesn't love a girl who tries dangerous stuff in the interest of wowing an audience?

I'll share as much as I can on belly dancing here in this blog entry. I don't know too much on belly dancing, but I will mostly discuss Oriental belly dancing here.

--- Belly Dancing at a Glance ---

What makes belly dancing so enticing? For most guys, there are three "B's" that make a woman beautiful- her belly, her butt/booty, and her breasts. If you were to ask me what I think is the most beautiful part of a woman's body, believe it or not, I'd say her belly. The belly offers so much fluidity and charm. I actually become more attracted to the belly and the navel more than I do any other part of the body. Females who try to add some sexy appeal to their looks usually wear belly-baring shirts as well as unbuttoning shirts or knotting shirts to show the navel. And of course, there's nothing like a beautifully-sculpted midsection.

So you can imagine how I feel when I see the lovely moves of a lady belly dancer. I am seeing a lady wearing a lovely outfit dancing to some awesome music. Now you may ask why I'm mentioning ladies so much so far. Reason is, there are also men who belly dance. But as I've always known, it's all about the lady belly dancers. As I don't know much about male belly dancing, I will mostly talk about feminine belly dancing. Most people envision female belly dancers as having beautiful and voluptuous and sexy bodies. However, there are belly dancers that are full-figured and even pregnant belly dancers. Here is an example of a pregnant belly dancer:

^ Serap (35 weeks pregnant) bellydance

Most belly dancers usually wear a cropped top along with a long skirt. Some long skirts have open sides to express the elegance of a femme's legs. Really graceful belly dancers wear Isis wings. If you've never seen belly dancing with Isis wings before, here is a sample video to show you just how belly dancers dance with these Isis wings:

^ Nur performing Isis wings

Beautiful, isn't it? Belly dancing can be enjoyed by all. Even children take up belly dancing. Girls even as young as five years old have fun belly dancing. Nothing can be more fun than when children take up belly dancing. Don't fall into any kind of belief that only super-sexy women belly dance. You can be curvy or pregnant and still enjoy belly dancing. It's all about having the moves and feeling confident in beautiful in your moves.

--- Examples of Belly Dancers ---

I've come across a number of belly dancers online. Here are a few for you through pictures and YouTube videos:

UPDATED: March 7, 2011 - you can now visit the official websites of each belly dancer (if offered)!


^ from: images.morris.com - Belly dancing goddess Dolphina

I think of Dolphina as the goddess of belly dancing. She is very beautiful and graceful in her moves and style. Dolphina even has a line of workout videos to help shape your body like a goddess.


I think Samara was born in Michigan, but dances in San Antonio, TX. I heard of her on Myspace. Samara is a beautiful blonde belly dancer with lovely moves and lovely outfits.


Annwyn Amar is a beautiful young American belly dancer with graceful moves and exceptional beauty. Her style is amazing.

Neena Nour.

Maybe the most dynamic belly dancer I've ever seen, Neena Nour has amazing flexibility, great balance, and exceptional beauty.


Nadira is an award-winning belly dance with lovely moves. She is truly beautiful with some lovely legs and a beautiful figure.

Those are most of the belly dancers whom I can recall off the top of my head.

--- Do You Have to be Slim to Belly Dance? ---

From a previous section, the answer is no. There are male belly dancers, curvy belly dancers, pregnant belly dancers. All you need is a love of dancing to lovely Middle Eastern-type music. If you love your body and love to dance, why not try belly dance? Same goes for if you're pregnant. Be fabulous belly dancing!

Male belly dancers usually wear just some harem pants and maybe a top or vest. Most feminine belly dancing outfits consist of a cropped top and a long skirt. Some females even wear harem pants. The key accessory is often lots of little coins. You have lots of scarves and tops that have miniature coins. When the dancer shimmies while dancing with these coins on their outfits, the coins make a lot of noise.

In conclusion, belly dancing is a graceful and beautiful style of dance. It tends to have the perfect synergy of style and sex appeal. It is stylish just watching a belly dancer gracefully move about on the floor. It is sexy because the shimmying and many undulations and gyrations are visually appealing. Belly dancing can be enjoyed by almost anyone. While best known for female belly dancers, there are some males who do belly dancing. You don't need to look super-sexy to enjoy the graceful and sensual art of belly dancing.

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Thank you for reading!

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