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Shorts with Boots

John Marine | 1/09/2010 03:39:00 AM |
(UPDATED: February 28, 2012)

Why would you wear shorts with boots? That was not meant to be an insulting question- it's just something to think about before you read this blog entry. I'm actually inspired by a hit to my blog who was looking for how to wear shorts with boots.

PERSONAL NOTE: Thanks to everyone whom have been reading this blog entry! This has become a popular blog entry of mine, and I'm glad you all have found something to love about this blog entry. I will be working to make my blog entries more interesting. So thanks again for reading so far!


FEB 28 2012 - updated and edited post

--- Shorts With Boots in General ---

There would be a number of people (let alone femmes) who would question: why would you wear shorts with boots anyways? Shorts are for warm weather, and boots are usually for cold weather. There's actually style to going with a pair of boots to go along with shorts. It can be a casual look, or a dressy look. The kind of shorts you go with and the kind of boots you match them up with can make the difference between fashionista and fail.

--- Shorts + Boots: Casual ---

Let's look at a few examples of shorts with boots.

Shorts and Boots: Bare Legs.

shorts and boots
^ from: - denim short shorts paired with mid-calf boots.

There are a number of ways to go with denim shorts and boots. Formerly as a regular for the Fashion Spot's forums, I disliked the look of the pockets hanging out from denim short-shorts. I think the look is trashy and tasteless. But again... your call. The picture shown pairs denim short-shorts with some industrial-type boots that would make Dr. Martens happy. One of the first ones to come to mind for me with boots and short-shorts is Miley Cyrus.

Blogosphere Inspiration:
Want to see an example of shorts being worn with boots in this context? Have a look at this blog post from Natalie of Lucy and the Runaways:
"High Voltage at Stereosonic: Lee Denim shorts and Stanwells Fiori Di Capri" - Lucy and the Runaways

Shorts and Boots: With Tights.

shorts tights boots
^ from: - the combination of shorts with boots and tights can be quite common even when not cold.

(EDITED: February 28, 2012)
Please note that there are many kinds of boots ranging from your average knee-highs, ankle-length boots, and even the "shooties" that I chatted about previously in my blog. Let me describe to you a look that I liked when I used to roam tFS. Think of a pair of dark blue or indigo denim short-shorts. Pair them with black tights. Then wear a hot pair of red booties. Personally, I've gotten tired of this look. I have gotten tired of the jean shorts + tights look.

Blogsphere Inspiration:
Here is an example of pairing shorts with boots while adding tights. This is an example of a look many females have loved while I fail to find anything even remotely cute or stylish about:
"wildfox." - tiny sailor

Shorts and Tall Boots.

shorts with tall boots
^ from: - denim short shorts paired with tall boots.

Another possibility is to go with a short pair of shorts, and then find some tall boots. I'm not real fond of lace-up boots, so I'm not going to discuss those. You could probably go for a pair of medium wash denim short-shorts and pair them with some brown or natural (as in the color) boots. If you want to mix things up, how about finding a pair of white short-shorts with tall brown or natural boots? I wouldn't dare try short-shorts + tights + tall boots unless the tights and tall boots are the same color.

You have your options with short-shorts and boots. Find a style you're comfortable with and show some style!

--- Shorts + Boots: Chic ---

The casual definition was with jean-like shorts. This one entails shorts that aren't styled like jeans.

Chic Shorts and Ankle Boots with Tights.

A recommendation made by the people of WhoWhatWear recommend going with a pair of high heels for the night ONLY. If you have a stylish pair of shorts or short-shorts, you can find some tights and go with a stylish pair of boots. You can go with a pair of opaque tights (preferably dark colors) and go with a pair of shooties or some hot ankle boots. Or if you're more daring, try a good pair of fishnet stockings or tights to go with a hot pair of ankle boots. Since chic is the name of the game, I'd avoid any kind of rocker trash look (like fishnet tights with industrial-type lace-up boots). Your ankle boot choices can range from fully-enclosed booties to slouchy and/or peep-toe booties like these I found on Amazon:

Nine West Women's Iceblue Bootie,Black Leather,8.5 M US

Chic Shorts with Boots.

If you prefer bare legs with boots, you have the same bootie option, but you can also go with a pair of tall boots. A pair of short-shorts or mid-thigh shorts is really fine with a pair of high-heel boots or high-heel ankle boots. Tall flat or low-heel boots also go well with a chic pair of shorts.

--- Variables to This Look and What to Avoid ---

Let's take a look at shorts with boots, namely what to avoid.

Variables to This Look.

If you noticed in this blog entry, I didn't mention Bermuda shorts. I think the look of long shorts and boots is not fashionable or "cute" at all. There are exceptions to Bermuda shorts, but not many to me. The shorts I've been talking about have to be mid-thigh or higher. I haven't mentioned tops at all in this blog entry. For the denim jean shorts, anything from a basic T-shirt to tunics or camisoles are fine. For the more chic looks, a feminine blouse or a tight-fitting blouse with bold ruffle details would suffice.

The absolute thing to avoid is long shorts with knee-high boots. Even worse is long shorts with cold-weather boots. I've seen a few femmes sport this look. It's not comfy or cute. It's just an inconsistency with the weather. I know there are those who like lace-up boots, but I'd avoid them, especially lace-up peep-toe boots.

--- Shorts With Boots Around the Blogosphere ---

Some blogs that I follow have the shorts with boots look going. I'll share as many as I can to give you perspective from other bloggers. Each featured post is relevant to the look of shorts with boots.

Shorts with Boots: Glisters and Blisters.

While Michelle Koesnadi has many lovely looks, one post that comes to mind from the Indonesian fashion blogger is this one. She wears shorts along with a pair of ankle boots in a post called "fifteen-feb." Also, she wears a lovely ruffled top, a nice jacket, and a cute hat. Check out Michelle in shorts and boots in "fifteen-feb" on Glisters and Blisters.

Shorts with Boots: Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

This post from the young Irish fashion blogger features shorts with socks and wedge booties. Dee rarely disappoints with her Outfit of the Day (OOTD) looks, and she's a style star with these cute sailor-button shorts. A cute Peter Pan collar blouse finishes the look. "OOTD: You know the way to keep me on my toes" on Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles is where you can see this look.

Shorts with Boots: Curvy Girl Chic.

Allison of "Curvy Girl Chic" will be the first one I feature with denim shorts. A slouchy pair of Steve Madden ankle boots are paired with some denim shorts. A cute tunic is paired with feather earrings and a chic handbag. What you're about to see is casual cuteness with plenty of chic charm. It's still Spring (as of this blog post and here in the United States), but Allison is certainly "Summer Ready" on Curvy Girl Chic.

Shorts with Boots: Suitcase full of Dreams.

Time to mix things up a little bit. Cute Corrina found a cute pair of shorts to go along with some boots. These boots, however, are peep-toe booties. The colors are all soft except for the neutral booties. The shorts have a huge drawstring bow design to them up front. Check her out in "Get Shorty" on Suitcase full of Dreams.

Shorts with Boots: je ne sais quoi.

You know, I get the feeling that my readers may get bored that I only feature cute looks. If you're one of them, I'll toughen things up by featuring the looks of Chauss of "je ne sans quoi." I found a post where denim shorts are paired with some combat boots. She also wears a pair of black tights to go with the look. A black top, a violet/indigo scarf, and some sunglasses complete the look. Chauss goes rock star on you in "ckparis with prada sac a dos on oak street" on je ne sans quoi.

Shorts With Boots: missingavenue.

Melody (also known as "meow") is ready to win your heart with a cute look. She goes with a bright red pair of shorts to go with a nice pair of wedge ankle boots. The whole look seems playfully innocent. However, she will win your heart in "I Will Possess Your Heart" on missingavenue.

Shorts With Boots: i am Khatu.

Khatu goes all-black with her shorts, tights, and boots. I know there are many that love going with black for the silhouette deal, but I dislike it often times because I'm unable to see the individual pices in their proper detail. I basically have to do increase the gamma level of the picture to see darker parts in better detail. Regardless, Khatu's beauty shines in shorts with boots (a sexy pair of booties, I might add) in "For it is May" on i am Khatu.

I may include more to spruce up this post some more if I find any more I like.

Does this look give you any inspiration? Any femme can make shorts + boots work, and it doesn't have to be just for cold weather (though I probably wouldn't try it in cold times). This look can be even for a night at the club or with friends on girl's night out. Rock your style, ladies! Dress and shop with confidence!

For related reading, why not read my blog entry on short shorts? Thank you for reading!

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