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Car Style - The Gumpert Apollo

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While this car looks and sounds like a fantasy car you'd find in a racing game, it's completely real. The Gumpert Apollo is reminiscent of what you might find in a Ridge Racer game or in a Burnout game. This is probably like a car you'd continually crash in "Burnout Dominator" or drift into corners in Ridge Racer 7. It's a funky looking car that goes like Hell. (taken from Wikipedia) Horsepower for the base model starts at 641hp, and the Sport model boosts power output to 691 horsepower. The Race version (which will not be covered in this blog entry) has 789 horsepower. It weighs about as much as a Super GT race car with its 2600 lbs. (1200 kg) weight.

Now let's talk about how this car looks. That's what you came to know in a blog entry like this one in the "Car Style" series.

--- Car Style: The Gumpert Apollo ---
Car picture here:

^ from: - the Gumpert Apollo. It may look and sound cartoonish, but it is absolutely no laughing matter.

The Gumpert Apollo is a gullwing beast with serious performance. Its name and its looks will make you think this is not a real car (or that it can't be real). It's incredibly ugly to most people.

The front of the Gumpert Apollo is very fantasy car-like. Up front, it is a beast ready to devour its prey. The angular headlight cluster would be the eyes of this beast. These are eyes that have three sets of lights in each headlight cluster. Below both headlights are some rather large openings. Below the Gumpert badge would be the teeth of this beast. Below that front opening is a wide opening shared with the front splitter.

The sides of the car has three features that gives the car its character- the bulging fenders, the openings at the front wheels, and the huge side air ducts. The car's overaggressive character is extended on the sides as its fantasy/video game-like image is further exemplified. The right-hand side features the metallic gas cap. The top side of this car has aggressive style along with the air scoop. Depending on which model we're discussing, You either get the small and narrow engine bonnet scoop, or a snorkel-like engine bonnet scoop.

The rear of this car may be the ugliest part of this car. It may just be worse-looking than the front of the car. Certainly not ugly is the tail light cluster. It consists of a set of three tail lights. Two are brake lights while the ones on the far edges are the signal/hazard lights. The base model has somewhat of a large lip-type spoiler. The sport version has room for the massive rear wing, and it also adds a rear diffuser. All versions get the horrid-looking rear openings. The ones on each side are massive openings, and the one below the license plate is a trapezoid-like opening. You can see some of the engine pipes and such from the rear and the miniscule muffler pipes.

You will feel like you've earned your FIA Super License when you step inside the Gumpert Apollo. After a juggling act trying to get acclimated inside this beastly car, you'll be treated to a racing-type steering wheel. While you feel like you are in a pure race car, there are no digital readouts or anything. It's just a bunch of analog gauges in the instrument panel. There are four circular air conditioning vents to help stay cool while driving a hot car like this. Like a number of pure GT-type race cars, the manual shifter is pretty high. This will help you to grab a gear without having to go all the way down looking for the shift knob. This car has a stereo system, but it's on the right-hand side of this left-hand drive car. Then again, the only music you want to hear is that lovely engine when it's just you in the car, so things even out, I guess you can say. I think there is even a navigation system some people install in place of where the stereo is. The seats aren't exactly racing seats, but they get the job done in strapping you in for the drive of your life.

The Gumpert Apollo is an all-business car despite its fantasy looks and laughable name. This is the kind of car you can easily laugh at or write off at first glance, but it's something you eventually fear because it's just unworldly in its overall character. It is one of those "laugh now, but cry later" cars. This is nobody's sophisticated supercar. It's an all-business car for all-business people. This is the kind of car that would rather spend Saturday night at the race track or at full song down the highway than at the club. What this car may lack in anything super sexy or stylish makes up for with its intense character. You can only laugh at it for so long until it runs you over.

Here is a video preview of the Gumpert Apollo from the Speed Channel show, "Supercars Exposed":

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