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Quinceañeras are the Coming of Age parties for girls for their 15th (since 15 in Spanish is quince) birthday. These parties are more like the Sweet Sixteens of Latin American cultures. These young teen girls have a lavish celebration. They wear beautiful dresses and also look beautiful. Essentially, the girls celebrating a Quinceañera is treated like a princess. These celebrations are almost like the combination of a birthday party and a wedding. A beautiful ballroom dance follows, usually with the girl's escort (can be a family member, a boyfriend, etc.). These occasions can be amazing for those celebrating Quinceañeras. It's party time for the Quinceañera girl!

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JUL 13 2015 - some embedded edits

--- Quinceañeras at a Glance ---

I mentioned earlier that Quinceañeras are like the combination of a birthday party and a wedding. You obviously want to look and feel like a princess or a goddess (or whatever you consider the highest form of beauty and importance). They are both a festive party and a vastly religious experience. The girl celebrating her 15th birthday is usually in a beautiful dress, about as beautiful as the most alluring wedding dresses. Her hair is done up beautifully as she'll be ready to have her wonderful festivities. Basically, the preparation for all of this is basically like a wedding.

Here are a number of things that happens based on what I've read on the Internet and seen in videos. The ceremony itself consists of blessings to declare the Quinceañera girl into womanhood. A Quinceañera waltz (or vals) is where a beautiful dance (similar to a wedding dance) commences. The girl usually dances with an escort and with others in beautiful ballroom-type waltz dancing. What may also be wanted for a Quinceañera is a baile sorpresa (surprise dance). This is where a unique dance routine is incorporated into the whole Quinceañera, usually after the usual Quinceañera waltz/vals.

I don't know much else about Quinceañeras except for the ceremony and the dancing. If I've screwed up things (which I probably have), please set me straight by posting comments to help me make this blog entry better. I don't want to make low-quality blog entries that only earn me disrespect among the public at large.

--- Quinceañeras in Pictures ---

These are Quinceañera pictures I've found on the Internet, with proper citations given:

Quinceanera dress
^ from: - Enter womanhood in style with a beautiful Quinceañera dress!

Quinceanera ceremony
^ from: - a young teen girl ready to celebrate her Quinceañera.

quinceanera escort
^ from: - part of a Quinceañera is a dance with an escort. In this picture, the girl's escort is (I am assuming) her father. Escorts can also be her boyfriend, another family member, or someone like that.

quinceanera party
^ from: - like almost any party or special occasion, the parties can have themes. The theme in this Quinceañera is a beach theme.

--- Quinceañeras in Videos ---

I have some videos to share with you to give you a look at Quinceañeras. These are YouTube videos featuring Quinceañeras.

Quinceañera, from Start to Finish.

This video is a highlight video with an Aladdin theme. As I mentioned earlier, Quinceañeras can have a theme. This one is a beautiful one. Watch as this teen girl is transformed into a Quinceañera queen, then has her lovely Quinceañera proper:

Quinceañera Ceremony.

This video shows you a religious ceremony for the Quinceañera. The sound is low, so you may need to turn up the volume to hear this clearly:

Quinceañera Waltz/Vals.

This video features a Quinceañera waltz (or vals):

Baile Sorpresa (Surprise Dance) Quinceañera.

Here below is a video of a surprise dance, or as it's also called, baile sopresas:

That concludes this blog entry (unless I want to add more material in future edits). If you're looking for Quinceañera material online, here are resources and Amazon material for you. First, resources: (SPANISH) and (ENGLISH) -
Quinceañera Mall - experts in planning Quinceañeras and also includes Quinceañera dresses and accessories
Mis Quince Magazine - a magazine devoted to Quinceañeras, from the Seventeen Network (meaning, the same people behind Seventeen Magazine, CosmoGirl, and TeenMag among others).
Quinceañera Magazine - planning and items for your Quinceañera.
Quinceañeras - Hispanic Culture - more information on Quinceañeras in general.

Now, Amazon material. All the material you see in these widgets can be found on I am providing you these items to have a look at. Hover over an item to see more information on each material and to buy whatever interests you. Scroll through the pages to find more items in case what you see on one page doesn't fully interest you. Have a look around and happy shopping!

NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

For Quinceañera material in general:

For Quinceañera clothing (including Quinceañera dresses, accessories, and even formal clothing for men and boys):

And here is an item of Honorable Mention:

^ (Honorable Mention!) "Quinceañera" DVD. Released in 2006 by Sony Pictures. This 91-minute movie is Rated "R."

For a preview of this movie, check out this trailer released on YouTube in 2006:

One last thing... if you or someone you know is celebrating a Quinceañera, I would like to offer you my congratulations on this lovely moment in your life. If you have memories of your own Quinceañera, feel free to share your experiences in a comment as well. I need to get my readers and viewers more involved in my blog entries. Perhaps you can help! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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