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Medical Scrubs

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(UPDATED: April 7, 2012)

For those in the medical field, wearing scrubs on the job is just as expressive and as stylish can help you stand out and look and feel good. Initially a blog entry about fashionable medical scrubs, I've included basic scrubs to this blog entry. Those in the medical field don't have to wear the same drab scrubs. At least a host of designers have worked to make scrubs more fun and stylish. You should afford to look your best while saving and preserving lives. In fact, I've seen a lot of different individual medical scrubs. One woman I encountered once was wearing pink medical scrubs with the Houston Texans logos all over the scrubs. This blog entry in fashion is not about looking chic or handsome. Instead, this is dedicated to all the doctors and nurses who want to wear scrubs other than the same old solid colors. Though, I will feature them.

Most of my fashion-themed material are related specifically for the given audience or audiences featured. Here, however, this is strictly for those in the medical field or those entering the medical field.


APR 7 2012 - updated look of post; several edits

--- Medical Scrubs at a Glance ---

When it comes to medical scrubs, it is all about wearing clothes in the given environment in helping maintain and preserve the lives of others. These are comfortable clothes to wear if doing medical work. The basic medical scrubs make up the wardrobe for many doctors and nurses. Footwear usually consists of sneakers or rubber clogs. From dentists to doctors and nurses, there are a variety of different scrubs that I have seen. My primary intent was to talk about unique medical scrubs, but I have decided to go with fashion (and I will use that term loosely here) and proper medical scrubs. Most scrubs are, for the most part, unisex.

--- Medical Scrubs in Pictures ---

Time to show you some pictures. Here are some medical scrubs and various other medical outfits in pictures:


medical scrubs
^ from: nycscrubs.com - medical scrubs at their most basic. Many of them come in their own colors and patterns.

fashion medical scrubs
^ from: medicalscrubshut.com - Why do scrubs have to be boring looking? Designers, even including the likes of Baby Phat (who designed the scrubs above), make their own unique medical scrubs.

colorful medical scrubs
^ from: blog.lydiasuniforms.com - This medical scrub top is colorful and lively.

Medical Clogs and Footwear.

rubber clogs medical scrubs
^ from: fabuloussavings.com - If you wear rubber clogs with your casual outfits, then at least know that rubber clogs (especially those work-appropriate ones) are very much acceptable in work environments.

Various rubber clogs that have small openings on them have been considered dangerous for workplace environments for doctors and nurses. Rubber clogs, especially those with holes on them, have been deemed mostly hazardous, primarily because of the possibility of materials that could land on a doctor or nurse's feet. You may want to find some clogs that don't have holes at the front or along the feet of the clogs, just to be safe. In addition, avoid any brightly-colored clogs (except (obviously) white clogs). The reason why to avoid bright-colored clogs is to avoid the possibility of malfunctioning equipment through discharging static electricity.

Of course, a decent pair of athletic-type sneakers and workwear-appropriate sneakers are also very acceptable to wear.

So as much as medical scrubs are much appreciated when operating or handling other duties, they also don't have to be just boring-looking and drab. It's best to find some scrubs that are not only required to wear, but also stylish. You CAN express yourself with nice scrubs!

--- John's Special Salute to All in the Medical Field ---

I, John Marine, would like to salute everyone who works within the medical field to help save lives and help preserve lives. This includes everyone from doctors to nurses to veterinarians to everyone else involved in the field of health care.

Thanks to all of you who visited this blog entry! I may set up a blog entry on John's Shop Space featuring more items. I'd like for all of you to have a look at items I've found on Amazon. I have set up some widgets to feature a variety of medical uniform material to help you look your best while also making sure to save and preserve lives. Please use the widgets to help find whatever it is you're looking for. No commentary of mine will be made available, so make sure to carefully read about every detail about each item before deciding to place an order on something you need. You will need to read for more information on each item in these widgets before deciding to purchase something that interests you.

Thank you for reading! My reward to you is for you to find apparel for you to wear around the clinic, hospital, or wherever you conduct your healthcare business through Amazon. So look around and happy shopping! :)

But first, this disclaimer:
NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

For medical scrubs (some items may be unisex, may also include children's medical scrubs):

For various other medical supplies and accessories:

For medical scrub footwear (such as rubber clogs and work-appropriate sneakers and shoes):

I have also featured some clogs and mules that can be appropriate for work in my blog entry on clogs and mules as well as clogs and mules on John's Shop Space. Visit these blog entries for more clogs and more about them.

(~~~ this area reserved for a possible John's Shop Space image link? ~~~)

Once again, I salute everyone who works in the field of health care. That includes all of you doctors, nurses, and veterinarians. Your work is greatly appreciated in helping keep all of us healthy and alive! Thank you for reading!

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