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Clogs and Mules

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(UPDATED: June 16, 2015)

Clogs and mules are tough to differentiate. I've always known both shoes to be backless slip-on closed-toe shoes. Those will be the kinds of shoes that will mostly comprise the shoes I'll be discussing here. I've always known clogs to be these slip-on mostly casual shoes, while mules are a bit more chic shoes without backs to them. The only kind of heel support for most clogs is usually a strap or something that secures the back of the foot. While I don't believe in fashion trends, some say that these could be shoes worth looking into for this season. If you're seeking a pair of clogs or mules yourself, I'll try to find some clogs and mules on Amazon and Endless for you later in this blog post (read "An Important Amazon Note" for information on all Amazon and Endless items).

You can call this your clog blog! :)


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If you love fashion and haven't visited my fashion-specific blog, I discuss this same topic in my fashion blog- StyleSpace by JBM. Feel free to visit:

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--- Why Clogs and Mules? ---

People have hated on clogs and mules simply because they look ugly on feet. Wearing these are comfortable for their slip-on charm. A pair of straight-leg jeans/pants or flared jeans/pants with clogs or mules can offer the illusion of tall boots or larger shoes. Of course, these days, it's all about tall boots and skinny jeans- wearing boots over jeans/pants. And if you scoff at clogs and mules, think of it this way... at least they are VERY decent alternatives to flip-flops or Vans-style slip-on sneakers.

--- Clogs and Mules at a Glance ---

The ones I will mostly discuss are the backless shoes. There are other kinds of clogs and mules, as you will see in this section. Please remember that the definitions of clogs and mules are completely interchangeable for most people.

Backless Mules and Clogs.

Why don't we take a look at some clogs and mules? This is to help you to know exactly what is being discussed.

Vera Wang clogs
^ from: - These are Vera Wang mules with plenty of style to them.

clogs with rivets
^ from: - Clogs with rivets or studs along the sidewall is a popular styling touch for clogs.

And then, maybe the world's most popular/notorious clogs:

crocs clogs
^ from:, by way of - Yes... these are not only clogs, but also clogs worn by females and males. Crocs (and Crocs knockoffs) make these familiar clogs among other shoes. If you're seeking Crocs-style clogs, I'll have more for you towards the conclusion of this blog entry.

Most of these clogs can be worn in two ways. You can either wear these with the strap forward, or move the strap to the back to have the clogs stay on your feet better. As for mules, enjoy the slipper style of these shoes. These are shoes better left for full-length pants with voluminous legs. However, clogs and mules with cropped pants are still pretty wearable. Clogs come in fashionable models as well as work-appropriate clogs (like rubber clogs for those in the medical and dental industries).

Closed-Back Clogs and Mules.

Closed-back mules are comfortable slip-on shoes. The appeal remains the same. There are even work-appropriate closed-back clogs, such as these from Dansko (do not confuse with Danskin):

Dansko closed-back clogs
^ from: - These are some clogs that are comfortable for females to wear at the office. Not so much a good idea to wear with any cute casual outfit, though.

mary jane clogs
^ from: - Believe it or not, these are actually clogs. These mary jane clogs have kind of the same appearance as the other Dansko clogs. It's still the same easy comfort for your feet.

Now that you have some inspiration, you now know about the shoes that lots of people are saying will be the trendiest shoe for warm weather. Let's move on and see if I can direct you to some clogs and mules (in case you're interested in getting your own). If you don't want to shop for clogs and mules that I've found online, I'd like for you to find some Crocs clogs, in case you're interested:

--- Clogs and Mules Online ---

NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon and products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

Time to see if I can find you a pair of clogs or mules if you like these shoes. Please remember- you are free to click on each graphic to check out more images, the shoe sizes available, shoe colors available, and things like that. You are also free to order a pair you like. If you appreciate my blog work to where you want to buy anything I mention in my blog, I want you to please be able to show your support by purchasing anything I feature that you like. The reason why I go to this length in some of my blog entries is because I want people to visit my blog and actually be able to find things they like that I feature. If I just show off a bunch of shoes that you can't buy, then I'm not doing my part to talk about fashions and then be able to let you purchase something if you like. I would appreciate it if you order anything you see that you like. It would help me to know that my efforts mean something.

Having said this, let's find some clogs and mules! Remember to click on and order anything you like here! If you DON'T see something I feature that you like, I will include a widget with many more clogs and mules for you to check out. So let's go!

NOTE: All shoes are Women's sizes and for women, unless otherwise specified.


Clogs or mules? Your call:

...and in case you're interested in crocs clogs:

Other Sources...

Here are more clogs and mules that may interest you:


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mules on Amazon
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Thank you for visiting, and happy shopping to you all (if doing any)!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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