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Cropped Pants

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Sandals give open-air comfort while cropped pants give open-air comfort to feet and lower legs. Capris have been popular since the '60s, but have resurfaced as a key style since about 1999. Whether you refer to these as capris, flood pants, or highwater pants... they are still jeans and pants that are comfortable to wear in warmer weather. They can be stylish whether they extend below the knees or just above the ankles. Do you go for slim-fitting cropped pants or wider-leg pants? Should you sport those sandals or go with some pumps or sneakers? Since it's getting warmer, boots probably aren't a good option now. And personally, I like capris more than I do Bermuda shorts. In fact, there won't be ANY Bermuda shorts in this blog entry. This post is all about pants below the ankles and above the ankles. Welcome to another fashion blog post of mine!

(LAST UPDATED: June 10, 2012) - total makeover of blog post

--- Cropped Pants at a Glance ---

What gives cropped pants their appeal? These pants offer a degree of style for warmer days. They beg for a nice pair of sandals or some cute dressy shoes. Athletic cropped pants can be worn with anything from athletic sandals or a good pair of athletic sneakers. Capri and flood/highwater pants are for those who want to wear shorts, but want something just as comfortable as shorts.

Capri Jeans and Pants.

capri jeans
^ from: - a pair of capri jeans

cropped pants with platform pumps
^from:, by way of - chocolate brown cropped pants paired with some platform pumps

I'm going to define capri pants as slim-fitting cropped pants. Or, they may also be pants with well-defined legs that are usually at mid-calf or above.

Flood/Highwater Pants - Casual.

casual cropped pants
^ - This is a casual pair of cropped pants that are just as good with a pair of flip-flop/thong sandals as they are with any more dressy shoes.

Casual cropped pants offer the same kind of appeal capris do, but these flood pants have wider legs. Since these are casual, basic flip-flops, sneakers, or whatever are more than sufficient footwear to wear with capris.

Flood/Highwater Pants - Classy.

formal cropped pants
^ from - a classy pair of cropped pants. Dressy pumps or sandals would go nicely with these.

Some cropped pants are pretty classy. Dressy sandals and pumps would be lovely to go with these.

Gaucho Pants, Culotte/Split/Divided Skirts.

gaucho pants
^ from:, by way of - Many find gaucho pants to be comfortable especially in warm weather. These skirt-like pants offer a perfect medium between skirts and pants. Most gaucho pants commonly extend down to about mid-calf, but some others go to about the ankles.

Mentioned in a previous blog post of mine, traditional gaucho pants are essentially skirt-like capri pants. Many of them extend anywhere between just below the ankles to just at mid-calf. They are an alternative to wearing a mid-length to long skirt. To learn more about gaucho pants, click here to see my blog entry on gaucho pants.

Ankle Pants.

ankle pants
^ from: - With a pair of ankle pants, they extend down just enough so you can show a little of your ankles. I've always considered cropped pants with either wedge or platform shoes or sneakers to go well with ankle-length pants.

Ankle pants, as their name implies, go down to the ankles, but doesn't go below them. This gives you room to go with a nice pair of shoes or sandals to go with them. If you're thinking of footwear, some ballet flats or flip-flops are very okay at the most basic. I say if you have ankle pants, go with some bold platform shoes or sneakers. I always thought cropped pants with some platform shoes (as long as they aren't platform boots was cute.

...or Just Roll Up Your Long Pants!

rolled up pants
^ from:, by way of - Don't want to buy cropped pants? Just roll up a pair of pants yourself!

Some pants are sold already rolled-up or cuffed, but you can always roll up your proper pair of pants for a cropped pants look. That's almost a do-it-yourself (or DIY) cropped pant.

Now you have some cropped pant inspiration.

--- Footwear With Cropped Pants ---

Anything from a basic pair of flip-flop/thong sandals to dressy shoes or sneakers will suffice. Denim capris with cuffed legs can go with some flip-flops or some sneakers. You may also opt for some cute ballet flats.

The kind of footwear I've loved most with cropped pants are platform shoes, especially platform wedges. There's just something cute about cropped pants and big shoes to me. Another nice look would be going with cropped pants that go down to about mid-calf. Or try this: wear some mid-calf or ankle-length cropped pants, wear a cute anklet or anklets, and then some platform sneakers. It's all up to you.

I mentioned gaucho pants earlier. They are commonly worn with flip-flops or sometimes pumps. Gaucho pants with sneakers is usually rare, but they can work just fine with traditional skirt-like gaucho pants, as you can see below:

gaucho pants with sneakers
^ from, by way of - Though not a common combination, gaucho pants can be worn with sneakers. This is a sporty gaucho pant look.

A look for cooler weather is wearing cropped pants with tall boots. While this was a good look, it's been phased out severely with tucking jeans/pants into boots. Hardly anyone goes with boots + cropped pants anymore.

You know the pants, you know the footwear. Now let's find some cropped pants for you!

--- Cropped Pants Criticism ---

The primary criticism of most cropped pants is that they don't look very well on taller femmes. Consider that cropped pants tend to fall down, then stop. So it's probably best to find a good pair of cropped pants along with a good pair of shoes or sandals to accentuate your height.

That concludes this blog entry. Were you able to find a pair of cropped pants to call your own? I want you to be able to do some shopping for your own pair of cropped pants. If none of my picks interest you, then PLEASE check out these widgets below. This is an updated version of the widgets I usually use in my fashion blog entries. Find the pants you're looking for if you're shopping for cropped pants by using my widgets below!

Cropped Pants on Amazon.

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