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External Hard Drives

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I can not begin to tell you how proud I am to have an external expansion drive. I got myself a 320GB external hard drive from Seagate this past Christmas. My 2005 computer carries up to 40 GB of memory. So let's look at the logistics of it: 40 GB hard drive for my PC with a 320 GB hard drive. In other words... I could back up my entire PC on this external hard drive and still have 7/8 of storage left for other things. While my computer is mostly outdated by today's standards, it is still a great PC to work around. Adding an external hard drive has given me the ability to store more material on it without fear of deleting something for eternity. In fact, I have used my external drive to put some of my games on. That way, I can save up a lot of space. My rFactor folder, for example, takes up about 11 GB including all the things I've downloaded for it. Moving it and all of my files (I actually just made a fresh install to the external drive) has given me a chance to play this game again without having to worry about this game using up lots of space on my computer. I have a bunch of old or fairly recent games. I somewhat have re-ignited interest in buying certain PC games today by installing them on my external hard drive.

Why should you consider getting an external hard drive? The primary reason is to be able to store more material than what you can on your internal hard drive. Portable hard drives give you the ability to take your files on the go. My Seagate external hard drive is a portable USB-powered hard drive. Make sure to find an external hard drive that really suits your needs. There are external hard drives nowadays that hold up to 1 or 2 terrabytes. That's really too much if you just have a PC that doesn't have that massive of a hard drive. It's also too much if you don't have a lot of files to back up. So find a portable hard drive that really and truly suits your immediate needs. Also, it's best to find one that best fits your PC specifications. If it helps, it also is important to find an external hard drive that is compatible for your operating system.

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If you're interested in portable hard drives and want to shop online, I can help you here. I have included a few items from Amazon to help you in picking out an external hard drive that best suits your computer or laptop. I will start with Seagate, since that's the brand I have.

^ from: amazon.com - a Seagate portable expansion hard drive. This is the one I am using.

^ Portable external hard drive from Seagate. This is a USB-powered portable external hard drive. Its main draw is that you could freely be able to plug-and-play (meaning you don't have to install it) this external hard drive without having any other PC really detect it. For example- you could listen to all of your favorite MP3s, see all of your favorite videos, and even load your favorite media programs on this thing... and not have to worry about physically tapping into the computer you're using. This device is actually above my PC specifications, but it still serves as my expansion drive. This is more like the USB Flash Drive evolved. I strongly recommend getting a Seagate portable external hard drive. Problem is, I don't think they are compatible with Mac computers. Black only. Available capacities: 250 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB, 640 GB, and 750 GB.

Now that you've seen the one I am using, let me show you many other external hard drives available on Amazon. Please use the widgets below to find an external hard drive that you can use and utilize for your computer or laptop. Click on any item to find one that interests you the most.

For portable hard drives:

For external hard drives:

For external hard drives, for Apple/Mac computers:

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John B. Marine said...

Great post, I really need an external hard drive. But I never get round to it but I think I will now after seeing this post. I might have to look on amazon. I need to buy one for a project, so I can work on final cut pro.

Great blog, your doing well :)


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