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I Am Jazz

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#IAmJazz on the TLC Network chronicles a transgender teen named Jazz Jennings. This Florida transgender features a number of issues in her life as well as dealing with everything from health prodecures to transphobia from others. This series has two seasons, and the second season recently concluded as of when I began the initial draft of this post (August 12, 2016). This is my own sort of review of "I Am Jazz" as well as thoughts on the issues discussed and thoughts on Jazz herself.

I am Jazz: All Thoughts

I Am Jazz
^ from: (hover over for picture credit) - "I Am Jazz" is new to me, but it completed its second season in 2016.

"I Am Jazz" is a TLC Network series that focuses on a transgender teen named Jazz Jennings. This past season in 2016 was the second season. I was intrigued to see what this was all about as I learned about Jazz previously in a past blog post. I couldn't believe her popularity would reach this level. The reason why I say this is because when I researched one of my blog posts long ago on transgenders, I came across a young Jazz Jennings talking about having a girl brain and a boy body. Years later, here is this 15-year old (at this time) transgender teen living life and dealing with a number of issues. You not only got to see Jazz as she is, you also get a glimpse of her personality. Even a lot of things I don't even think about in regards to transgender types are mentioned in this show. Among some of them, I heard of the testosterone blockers she has in her so she doesn't go back to being a boy. These blockers, however, even increase her eating habits and her appetite.

Jazz Jennings is completely real. She is no drama queen or feels she has to be the center of attention all the time. I feel very much how real and honest Jazz is. Nothing is phonied up. What I do get from impressions is just on the impacts on Jazz's body from different medical procedures and in using certain medicines and other products. I even think it is amazing the amount of support Jazz gets from her family and how well the family gets along. There are moments when the family bond is questioned, but for the most part, the support and unity of the family are amazing.

As if being among the LBGT community has its own dark side, what is appalling about this is all the transphobic material from others. Though I am not properly educated about LGBT issues, at least I have more tolerance and respect than a lot of the people Jazz has to deal with. I surely would be a concerned parent if I were the father of a transgender sibling and had to deal with the individual incidents like some individual who would post threatening, disrespectful, and transphobic comments. The one individual who leaves threatening messages (comments like "tranny freak...") needs to be locked up. For real.

Video Preview.

Here is a little preview of "I Am Jazz" and some of the challenges Jazz faces:

^ "Meet Transgender Teen, Jazz Jennings"

This gives you a little idea on some of the things Jazz faces.

Honest Thoughts on Jazz Jennings.

I honestly see Jazz as courageous and real. Say ANYTHING you want about Jazz, but she is completely real. I believe her when she mentions issues about trying to socialize with others or trying to keep herself healthy.

Honest Thoughts on "I Am Jazz."

Since this post was based on the second season of the show, I almost feel like wanting to see Season 1 of "I Am Jazz" just to see what all was mentioned in that season. Jazz is an entirely intriguing person. The respect I had for her previously only grew after understanding her challenges and what all she goes through. I can't help but be intrigued and impressed about Jazz and her life. Even if you couldn't care less about anyone or anything LGBT, at least give "I Am Jazz" a try.

I learned of "I Am Jazz" earlier this year. On a message board, someone told me of "I Am Cait," about Caitlyn Jenner. I had NEVER heard of that show since I have been so exposed to "I Am Jazz."

What I Would Tell Jazz Jennings (if she were to read this)...

Congratulations to you on how far you've come along. The respect I've had for you previously only grew after watching this series. You are very much someone people can draw inspiration to; let alone your fellow transgender teenagers. I wish you the absolute best moving forward in all aspects of life. Stay strong, stay brave, and stay beautiful (inside and out).

Would I Possible Want to Meet Jazz Jennings (if given the chance)?

I surely would. Unlike a lot of the people she's had to deal with, I am understanding and tolerant of LGBT matters. It would be a great honor to meet her if I had the chance.

For More Information...

Learn more about this show by visiting I am Jazz | TLC.

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