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Tiny Houses

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The trend of tiny houses has exploded in popularity lately. People looking to downsize in their lives or adopt a minimalist lifestyle have found comfort living in small houses. Some people even choose living off the grid. No matter what the case, tiny homes are the thing for those wanting to downsize and live with less. I will talk about tiny houses in this blog post. This post is not meant to be a definitive look at tiny houses, but more a general digest on tiny houses and tiny house living. So come along for the ride!

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses have become popular lately, but the origin of their popularity actually dates back to the 1980s. These houses allow for comfortable living while (more importantly) having affordable housing than most regular home properties. A lot of tiny houses are very inventive in their design. A number of tiny houses can go around portably attached by a trailer. Such mobile tiny houses can be great for vagabonds. Some people have more than one small house in an era, either to support multiple people or even to have a house along with a home business on the same property.

You can think of tiny homes kind of like treehouses for kids. You may also think of kid-size tiny homes like some of the toy homes kids play in. The only difference is that tiny homes are every bit of homes for grown-ups, only you could legitimately live in them with all the different resources essential for living. Whether you get a pre-made mobile home, a modular home, or even make a proper home from a kit; having a tiny house can be beneficial if you intend on having affordable housing and choosing to live in such small space.

The popularity of tiny houses has even been expressed in a television show called "Tiny House Nation." This show highlighted on various tiny homes that people have built and/or lived in.

Why Tiny Houses?

For a lot of people, tiny houses allow for the functionality and comfort of home without having so much space to work with. A lot of people tend to equate success and happiness with having a large, lavish house on acres of land. Having so much space is great if you have a large family or want to flaunt your wealth a bit. However, some people feel they can function better and not be so stressed by living in smaller spaces with fewer things.

If you really think about it, there are only certain things in your house you can live with. Removing clutter in your house can help you be more productive and focused. Think about what you can and can not live without. Believe it or not, you don't need that fancy home theater system. You don't need the two-car garage for your only vehicle. You may not need the big bookshelves housing your favorite books and countless other decorations. You may not even need that fancy shower and bathtub combination. Tiny homes, then, make you think about what you can or can not live with.

It is also possible people simply want temporary housing for financial reasons. Maybe someone is living in a tiny house as a place to live as a result of a previous residence being destroyed or repossessed. If someone lives with his/her parents and want to live in his/her own space, they may want to consider a tiny home to live on their own. That is especially before if someone does not have the money to purchase a proper house.

Off-the-grid living and/or sustainable housing are also reasons why people consider tiny houses. Being off the grid, a tiny home may have to rely on things like solar power and some other way to handle waste. Tiny home living for the purpose of sustainable and eco-friendly purposes can happen if you rely on something like tiny housing.

There are lots of reasons why tiny houses exist and are popular.

How Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses can come from a variety of sources. Some tiny houses are properly-built home units from various contractors. Some tiny houses are converted from sheds and even vehicles. You could even buy home kits that you can build homes from the ground up. There are even people who build affordable homes out of shipping containers. So among tiny houses, there are a lot of options ranging from mobile houses to (basically) drivable houses.

Tiny House Living.

The appeal of tiny living is meant to suit those who like living simple. You'd be surprised at how a number of people live without needing to be indulged in the whole *American Dream* concept. Some people who live in tiny homes tend to want to live off the grid. Power and utilities are usually the thing I am most concerned with tiny house living. With the right resources, you can live just fine with a lot of off-the-grid features.

One Important Consideration About Tiny Housing.

Do NOT get the idea that people are into tiny housing because they failed at life. Some people just choose to live without having various status symbols or having to fall into what society deems "successful." Think about maybe people who are at least 60 years old, children moved out, and he/she feels like he/she has everything in such a tiny house without a lot of goods. A lot of us think of tiny houses as not being successful or having a great love life and family. Tiny housing is just minimalist living.

Should You Consider Tiny Home Living?

If you are looking to live elsewhere and in a small space, and if you are willing to take on a much different lifestyle, feel free to take on getting a tiny home to live in. You will need to make some sacrifices and think about what is more important to your survival and your happiness. Tiny homes can be a proper and feasible thing to invest in and work towards for those looking for it to be a long-term thing.

Video Insight.

So what is possible with tiny housing? Let me show you with a video. I want to thank the uploader for allowing this video to be embedded:

^ (3x6 Meters) Tiny House Design | Small 1 Bedroom House

Hopefully this blog post has given you some insight in regards to tiny houses.

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