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Boxabl is a game changer in affordable housing. For those wanting to downsize or live in an affordable home, Boxabl allows you to have a fully-built modular home without taking much land space. The popularity of tiny homes has lent itself towards people maximizing their downsized lives. If you are considering living small, Boxabl may have a solution for you. I will blog about Boxabl in this blog post.

Before I Begin/Disclaimer

I was not contacted by Boxabl to blog about them. I completely chose to do this on my own.


Boxabl is a manufacturer of modular homes. They are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is a company looking to make affordable houses complete with many elements making them good for permanent living spaces. For the minimalist, their houses offer just about all you need in such small space. Even supposedly, the incredibly rich Elon Musk has his own Boxabl-style house.

Boxabl's best offering is called the Casita. If you know your Spanish, then you know house in Spanish is "casa," and anything small has "-ita" attached to it. So The Casita has just about all you need to live comfortably. It is almost like a small apartment or an inn suite, only you are not sharing the same land with other people in an attached building. It is surely possible to live in a Boxabl house, even if its dimensions seem small for most people and families.

If you are interested about the Casita, visit the following link or take a look at the video below: Boxabl Casita.

^ Casita Tour

Boxabl Thoughts.

Boxabl is one of the leaders in trying to offer affordable housing that also does not register any significant carbon footprint. How they utilize relatively small space in the home is commendable and inventive. You could buy a proper small home from Boxabl for about one-third or even two-thirds the cost of most low-end houses. The cost of appliances and electronics notwithstanding, you can get yourself a great Boxabl home for a fairly decent price. Modular homes appear to be the future, and leading the way (or at least one of the ones leading the way) is Boxabl.

For More Information...

If you want to learn more about Boxabl, please visit Boxabl. Connect with them on social media also from their homepage.

That's all for this blog post. I hope you were able to gain some insight from me on this topic. Perhaps you may consider Boxabl if you want your own affordable house. Whatever the case, I am glad I can spur your interest. If you enjoy my work, please Subscribe/Follow my blog(s) in any capacity if you love my work and want to support me any way you can. Share my blog post(s) with others if you enjoy my work. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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