Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Pillow Pad

John B. Marine | 4/05/2022 07:29:00 PM |
The Pillow Pad from As Seen on TV is a unique pillow that holds your tablet PC or laptop along with your smartphone. I got one for Christmas recently. I originally didn't think it would work well with my Chromebook and my smartphone. However, and as I thought about it, it has comfortably held onto my Chromebook and my smartphone. Suffice to say, the Pillow Pad is a clever way to hold onto your tablet PC (or Chromebook) as well as your smartphone. Once time, I even put an external hard drive in the smartphone pouch, and it held that well also. I even rest the Pillow Pad on my stomach as I lie down on my bed using my Chromebook. It makes using your tablet PC or laptop easy and fun. Even if you don't use your Pillow Pad for your electronic devices, it can even be comfortable enough to hold a notebook or a tablet.

The Pillos Pad utilizes three different angles to hold your devices. I use the lowest angle one because it works the best and supports whatever is in the pouch properly. You can even wash the Pillow Pad's outside into the washer and dryer set. All in all, I think the Pillow Pad is a clever and comfortable item to have if you use your tablet PC or laptop a lot around the house.

Here is a look at the Pillow Pad I have been making mention to all blog post long:

Pillow Pad As Seen on TV
^ from: walmart.com - The Pillow Pad comfortably holds your tablet PC or laptop, along with your smartphone or some other device that fits in its pouch.

If you see this at a store or online, I greatly recommend you get this thing. You have my word!

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For more information on the Pillow Pad I discussed, check this out: Pillow Pad, as Seen on TV.

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