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On December 31, 2020; Adobe ended support of Flash-based games played in Internet browsers. A lot of the past Flash games moved on to HTML5. What if you wanted to play those old Flash games again or watch Flash videos? Well, unlike games for the OUYA you actually CAN play old Flash games again! Meet Flashpoint. Flashpoint was developed by BlueMaxima to get you to play old Flash games again. I learned of Flashpoint when I was looking for YouTube videos and saw a video about Flashpoint. I will discuss Flashpoint to you all and what I think about it. So come along for this voyage!


As of the time of this blog post (November 20, 2022), the latest version is Version 11, "Oops! All Plugins!". Future updates may be different from the version that will be discussed in this blog post.


BlueMaxima's Flashpoint will allow you to play just about any Flash game conceived. If you can remember the name of an online Flash game you played before or a certain developer or publisher of that game, there is a good chance you will find it in Flashpoint. There is a good chance you will find a game you once played, considering there is a database of over 162,000 Flash games listed in Flashpoint! This program will also allow you to view various animations. So maybe if you remember (for example) a funny animation you saw on Newgrounds, you might find it again through Flashpoint and be able to see it again. All you need to enjoy these past titles (or play a game for the first time ever) is Flashpoint and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player you have.

Flashpoint is available for Windows, but there are steps to use Flashpoint for Mac and maybe even Linux. The program is completely free.

How to Use Flashpoint and How Flashpoint Works.

What you must do first is download Flashpoint to your PC. The download size will be rather large, and larger once you unpack the program. A lot of the individual games will just take up more space on your drive of choice. So it's best to put these files on an external hard drive or something. It is recommended you download the Infinity version because the download requires much less memory on your device- 790MB for Infinity as opposed to 1.31TB for the Ultimate version.

Flashpoint comes in two versions- Flashpoint Infinity and Flashpoint Ultimate. Infinity is the base program that links you to loads of the aforementioned online games as well as animations. An Internet connection is required to access and download each game you want to download. Ultimate is the entire collection of just about every single Flash game and Flash animation in one mega package with no Internet connection required. Any game and/or animation you download will be available for you to play whether or not you have an online connection. An Internet connection is only required for downloading games/animations or to update the program.

What Flashpoint will do is search for whatever game or games you are looking for. Limiting searches to individual names, developers, or publishers will whittle down this massive database to something more manageable. Any game you find will feature more information about it. Download the given game/animation, and it is yours to play at any time without requiring an online connection. A game/animation you download can be played immediately using Flashpoint along with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player you may have.

Thoughts on Flashpoint.

For one thing, I am pleased to be able to play these games again without needing an Internet browser open! I haven't noticed much in the way of glitches or performance hitches using Flashpoint and Adobe Flash Player. The fact I am accessing pretty much every proper Flash game ever and/or animation is astonishing. This is something casual gamers can certainly get into because the games are not intensive or require a powerful computer to play properly. I would surely recommend Flashpoint if you want to play these older Flash games and other web-browser games and animations.

All credit to BlueMaxima for making this all happen.

For More Information...

For more information about BlueMaxima's Flashpoint and to download it, please visit BlueMaxima's Flashpoint. You can also watch this video for more information about Flashpoint:

^ BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Trailer

That pretty much covers all I need to cover about this program. I hope this helps you out!

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