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Baku City Circuit

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Many people can't find Azerbaijan or Baku on a map. Ever since 2016, though, it has played host to Formula 1's Azerbaijan Grand Prix. I am not as educated about today's F1. After seeing it and thinking about it, this is a pretty interesting race track. So I'll be talking about the Baku City Circuit in this blog post.

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Baku, Azerbaijan is a Sister City of Houston. Find out about other Sister Cities of Houston here:

Baku City Circuit

Here is a look at the Baku City Circuit:

Baku City Circuit
^ from: (Wikipedia) - Baku is the fourth-longest circuit on the Formula 1 calendar and one of the fastest temporary courses in the world.

Baku is the capital of the transcontinental European country of Azerbaijan. This track debuted in 2016 and is a great challenge among one of the more modern Formula 1 racing circuits. It is also one of the fastest of the temporary courses. Baku City Circuit is all of 3.730 miles (6.003 kilometers) in length. It was developed by a familiar figure- Hermann Tilke.

The first six corners of Baku are all 90-degree corners. It is a series of left, left, left, right, left, and right. You fly into Turn 1 before facing the first corner. A brief straight follows leading into Turn 2. A straight about three times longer than between Turns 1 and 2 follows leading into the left at Turn 3. A short straight connects Turn 3 with the right at Turn 4. After a medium straight, the Turn 5 and 6 chicane complex follows. The road bends a bit leading into a very sharp right at Turn 7 follows. The toughest corner on the track is the Castle corner, a one-lane left-right chicane that makes up Turn 8 of Baku. Afterwards, the track goes uphill a bit. Turns 9 through 11 is an uphill series that goes uphill. Turns 9 and 10 are a double apex left connected to the right at Turn 11. After Turn 11, the track goes downhill into the left at Turn 12. A brief uphill follows into a kink at Turn 13 followed by going downhill into another kink at Turn 14. Turn 15 is an open sharp left that goes downhill. Be careful not to tag the outside wall upon exit. After going downhill out of Turn 15, Turn 16 is another open 90-degree corner. A rather sharp right kink for Turn 17 follows. Turn 18 is a medium left followed by a medium right at Turn 19. After that, it is flat out to the finish line or make a pit stop. The only thing is that a fast right kink makes up Turn 20 down this front stretch. That is my lap description of Baku. Formula 1 cars could reach over 200 mph heading into Turn 1 after the long front straight.

To me, the Baku City Circuit is as technical as the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore, and very fast like Sochi. I like the challenge it provides. I have never played this track in any game or simulator, so I don't know the actual experience of this track. The lap record for Baku is 1:43.009 by Charles LeClerc in 2019 for Scuderia Ferrari.

Video Preview.

Here is a lap demonstration of Baku:

^ 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Valtteri Bottas' Pole Lap | Pirelli

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To learn more about the Baku City Circuit, visit its official website at:

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