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Nicole Forcadela

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(UPDATED: December 5, 2023)

If you see a singer with a fun and silly personality and loves koalas, more than likely, you have entered the world of Nicole Forcadela. Nicole (also known as "Nicka") is a great Filipino singer with a wonderful personality and great singing ability. I will be showcasing her in my latest blog post. So if you're game, let's get it!

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Nicole Forcadela

Meet Nicole Forcadela:

Nicole Forcadela
^ from: (Facebook) - This is Nicole Forcadela, a Filipino singing superstar and overly entertaining personality.

Nicole Forcadela (or "Nicka") is a singer from the Philippines. She sings regularly on her Twitch channel both from home and with some live appearances. Nicole is usually the fun person parading with koalas. Nicole's fans are called as "Nickanatics." She has been singing just about most of her entire life, stemming from four years old or so. The ability to convey messages and have you latch on to each note and each verse she sings is paramount to what makes Nicole Forcadela such an excellent singer.

On the live show circuit, Nicole Forcadela sings at a popular grand hotel in Manila, Philippines. This is where Nicole/Nicka is all dolled up and elegant singing her heart out. She brings the same great singing style from her home shows to her live gigs. However, she is a bit more professional and focused when performing these live gigs. The two situations are different, but Nicole knows how to entertain crowds. Most of all, she brings a "good vibes only" kind of personality filled with positivity and charm. This often times includes Nicole offering positive thoughts after singing certain songs.

I discovered Nicole Forcadela on Twitch recommendations. I visited her channel when not Followed, and I thought she was very cool, so I offered a Follow. I love her humorous and lighthearted personality she brings to her streams. Outside of the live gigs she takes part in, most of her regular streams follow a certain color theme. These streams usually have a certain background color in which even Nicole wears an outfit of a certain color to match. The most special color to her regular streams is purple/violet, since it was the first color she themed her stream after.

As a singer, Nicole Forcadela delivers a bold singing voice and a sassy style. She sings very well. In her in real life gigs, the lighthearted style becomes more serious, yet Nicole still delivers a fabulous singing performance while being all dolled up. Nicole knows how to entertain or make you smile. I think you should visit Nicole's Twitch channel to hear her singing and to take in her eccentric personality. You should also get to visit Nicole's homepage to learn her story.

My Message to Nicole Forcadela (if she read this).

Nicole/Nicka, I enjoy watching your streams and hearing you sing. You are one of the most expressive and eccentric personalities online, and you do a fabulous job with your work. You are a great singer whether in normal streams or doing your live gigs. I wish you the best in all of your work. Thank you so much for your amazing work and sharing your voice and personality to the world.

For More Information...

Learn more about Nicole Forcadela by visiting her official site at Visit Nicole's Twitch channel also.

Video Preview.

Here is a sample of Nicole Forcadela's singing:

^ You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker (Live Cover by Nicole Forcadela) | #NicoleCovers #TwitchTakes

Hopefully now you've gotten to see what Nicole Forcadela brings to the proverbial table from this blog post.

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