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America's Best Dance Crew

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A show that I've watched for the first time ever was America's Best Dance Crew. Each season of ABDC showcases eight of the best dance crews to compete for the honor of being... America's Best Dance Crew. This past season was the fifth season of ABDC. When I saw this show for the first time, I actually thought Blueprint Cru was going to win over Poreotix. Didn't happen. Still, ABDC is a lovely show. Every crew that competes would LOVE the honor of becoming...

America's Best Dance Crew
^ from: - America's Best Dance Crew logo.

--- Champions of America's Best Dance Crew ---
This section focuses in on the five champions of the past five seasons of America's Best Dance Crew. YouTube videos will be embedded to give you a first-hand look at what each crew brings to the dance floor.

Please visit the hyperlinks to each heading to visit their official websites. You can click on the links to learn more about any performance fees for each crew if you're wanting to book them.


^ from: - the first champions of ABDC, the JabbaWockeeZ.

America's very first Best Dance Crew is the fun and creative JabbaWockeeZ. They have great style and some creative moves. They are best known for the white masks they wear. They are absolutely creative in their moves. Maybe what's best about this exclusively American Southwest crew is that there's no real leader and they they all march to the beat of their own drum. This is really a great crew.

Want to see the JabbaWockeeZ in action? Check this out:

Super CR3W (Super Crew).

Super Crew
^ from: - Meet Super CR3W. They won the second season of America's Best Dance Crew.

The second-ever team to take the honor of "America's Best Dance Crew" is Super CR3W. These boys from Las Vegas have some sick breakdancing moves. Super CR3W is more like a team of possessed dancing demons because their style is unreal. Their flexibility and style are nothing short of amazing. They'll wow you with some insane breakdancing-style moves. They have amazing flexibility.

This video below is a video compilation of Super Cr3w in action. Not sure what the song is, but the video is audioswapped. Be warned that the song contains some foul language. Here's the video:

Quest Crew.

Quest Crew
^ from: - The Quest Crew took top honors in the 3rd ABDC season.

ABDC Season 3 champions, Quest Crew, is a crew all with unique characters. This is a diverse and creative crew with a great convergence of styles. These Los Angeles guys are crazy. They should have called themselves Crazy Crew.

Here is an insane performance by Quest Crew from Season 3:

We Are Heroes.

We Are Heroes
^ from: - We Are Heroes is the first all-female crew to win ABDC, winning the fourth season of ABDC.

Girl power reigned supreme as Los Angeles' We Are Heroes won Season 4 of America's Best Dance Crew. They are the first all-female dance crew to win ABDC. These ladies have their own intense style and moves. While they aren't as eccentric as their male counterparts, this group has shown to be every bit as capable and fluid as any male dance crew. Some regular watchers of ABDC thought Rhythm City or Artistry in Motion should have won instead of We Are Heroes. Some of the more chauvinistic fans think that the only reason why We Are Heroes won is because they are females.

Here's your chance to see We Are Heroes light up the dance floor. This was part of a Karate/Martial Arts challenge:


^ from: - Poreotix is the most recent champs of ABDC as the fifth season of ABDC.

A close championship battle between Poreotix and Blueprint Cru saw Poreotix pull off the win. The boys from Westminster, California says that "Poreotix" is a combination of popping, choreography, and robotics. They try to incoporate humor into their routines.

These guys are silly. About as silly as the lady who Poreotix danced to in this video below. Watch them dance to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" here:

Who will be the ABDC Season 6 champs? I'll start watching this deal more often.

--- America's Best Dance Crew: Bonus Video ---
Here is my friend Arika Sato interviewing both the first two champions of ABDC. Check out this interview:

If you like Arika Sato's videos and commentary, check out Arika's home page!

(ADDED: April 7, 2011) The Sixth Season of "America's Best Dance Crew" started (to my surprise) tonight! This season is the "Season of the Superstars" I want to wish on all the crews the best of luck this season.

Here are the crews for this season and where they are from:

• I aM mE (Houston, Texas, USA) (woohoo!)
• Eclectic Gentlemen (Los Angeles, California, USA)
• REQUEST DANCE CREW (Auckland, New Zealand)
• PHUNK PHENOMENON (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
• STREET KINGDOM (Los Angeles, California, USA)
• 787 Crew (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
• FootworKINGZ (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
• ICONic Boyz (Englishtown, New Jersey, USA)
• Instant Noodles (Los Angeles, California, USA)
• JAG6ED (Crenshaw, California, USA)

Should be a great one!

--- Meet the ABDC Season 6 Champions! ---
(ADDED: July 5, 2011)

The sixth season of ABDC was the Season of the Superstars. This is where producers District 78 had a number of Superstar Master Mixes of hit songs from some of the top names in hip-hop and pop. Many crews battled in Season 6 until it came down to two. I actually missed seeing crews like Instant Noodles (I loved those guys!) go down. I was even sold on Boston's Phunk Phenomenon. Season 6 came down to ICONic Boyz and I aM mE. This would be the first time in ABDC history where a crew NOT from the West Coast or from the western part of the United States will win the title of "America's Best Dance Crew." And...

I aM mE won Season 6 of "America's Best Dance Crew!" So here's another one to add to this blog post:

I aM mE.

I aM mE caught my eye when I actually noticed what all they brought to the dance floor. This was a crew that took risks and never failed to captivate. 15-year old Olivia "Chachi" Gonzales was surely one hard-hitting girl on the floor. I was not only proud of I aM mE not only because they're representing my hometown of Houston, but because they really brought it.

Want to see the finale (all 42+ minutes of it) of ABDC Season 6? Check this out:

Thanks to all of you for reading my blog! Hope you have a great day/night! An unofficial Blogspot blog I found with more on ABDC can be found at a blog called Blogging America's Best Dance Crew. Check it out if you get a chance.

Thank you for reading!

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