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Motorcycle Style - The 2009 Honda CBR1000RR/Fireblade

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This post will mark the debut of a new addition to my style chats. This time instead of cars, I'll try and talk about motorcycles. I'm always one to feel that motorcycles can be just as fun as cars, but not as many people love motorcycles as much as they love cars. I'll be talking about how motorcycles are styled to me. I don't know everything there is to know about motorcycles (namely motorcycle parts). So my comments will be limited.

The bike: (picture from

--- Motorcycle Style: The Honda CBR1000RR (or Fireblade) ---
A friend of mine from Spain wants a Honda motorcycle, and she wants a CBR1000RR. She's a big Dani Pedrosa fan. The 2009 CBR1000RR features a sharp set of headlights. They are styled like the eyes of a ferocious beast, giving a mean presence up front. From the sides, it has a lovely overall appearance with plenty of sharp lines. The overall shape on the sides is very nice on the sides. Some openings on the sides help cool off the engine as you go two-wheeling down the road on this superbike. The taillight is pretty miniscule and doesn't look as intimidating or stylish from the rear. On the right side of the bike is the exhaust. The exhaust kind of looks like the barrel of a gun. Almost as if the CBR1000RR is shooting air from the engine into the air as you ride. Intimidating design.

When you're ready to ride, you'll see a nice gauge that has an easy-to-read gauge. A red digital gauge with black lettering is probably useful for night riding. The handle bars and side mirrors are styled nicely along with a very nice windscreen. The gas cap has a nice metallic finish.

When picking colors, I'd probably go for red/black most likely. All black is a nice color as well. Or if you're a Dani Pedrosa fan and want to feel like Mr. Pedrosa, go for the Repsol MotoGP replica colors. Either way, you're riding a Honda, and probably enjoying life on two wheels.

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