Sunday, March 21, 2010

Formula Nippon

John Marine | 3/21/2010 05:36:00 AM |
Formula Nippon has been the pinnacle of racing in Japan. Formula Nippon features some of the most intense racing that isn't Super GT. It wasn't until I downloaded a mod for rFactor that I got to appreciate how awesome these cars are. Those racing in Japan for Formula Nippon have the chance to earn an FIA Super License to compete in Formula 1 if a driver places in the top 3 in points in two successive seasons (or at least two?). All I know is- these cars are VERY fast. This is a stellar series even before the series was eventually known as Formula Nippon. The spec car in this series is the FN09, developed by America's Swift Engineering. The FN09 is a fiercely-designed car. Not sure about performance numbers and deep specifications on this car, but I know it's very fast. The engine sounds sweet as these Formula Nippon cars blast by quickly.

Here is the current-spec car, the Swift FN09:

^ from:

And here is a demonstration video:

To follow the Formula Nippon action, visit Formula Nippon's official website or Formula Nippon's official website (English). Good luck to all teams this coming 2010 season!
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