Friday, June 4, 2010

Remembering John Wooden

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Earlier today, one of the all-time greatest coaches, John Wooden, died at age 99 of natural causes. I really must say... he was God in college basketball who achieved fame as winning ten national championships for the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA, of course). Name me any other coach in NCAA Division 1 men's basketball (or perhaps ANY collegiate or pro basketball team that has a coach who has won 10 championships. He was the Wizard of Westwood and just one of the all-time greats in coaching. I wish I knew more about him as a player, but I heard that in his 29 seasons as UCLA head coach, he has had a grand total of NO losing seasons. People, the man is an absolute legend. There will never be another John Wooden (at least in our lifetime).

Here is Mr. John Wooden below:

^ from: - John Wooden (Oct. 14, 1910 - June 4, 2010).

When you can win one championship for a school, you've accomplished something. When you can win multiple championships for one school, you're a powerhouse. When you win 10 for one school, you're God, and John Wooden was a college basketabll god. He was accounted for 10 of UCLA's 11 National Championships as coach. That is totally impressive. He's left a huge mark in sporting history (let alone college sports history).

My thoughts and prayers go out to John Wooden's friends, family, and all whom have known and loved him. For a look at what John Wooden left behind, please read this Yahoo! Sports article: Legendary Wooden Dead at 99.

And here two YouTube videos for your enjoyment:

Rest in peace, John Wooden. You are a total legend.
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