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Car Style - The 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse

John Marine | 8/23/2010 05:32:00 AM |
Supercar-like in appearance, the latest Eclipse is a swoopy front-engine/FWD car. This Eclipse THANKFULLY made us forget (in looks) the 3rd-Gen Eclipse. I still personally think of the 2nd-Gen Eclipse of the mid and late 1990s whenever I think of the Eclipse. Still, for a car that's been around since 1989(?), this latest Eclipse may just be the most beautiful of all Eclipses.

--- Car Style: The 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse ---
Here is today's Eclipse:
2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse
^ from: (best I could find) - the 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse (GT version) and its swoopy looks.

The latest Eclipse has somewhat of a supercar appearance. To me, if the Eclipse was wider and longer (and maybe with a few extra modifications), the Eclipse could easily be a Mitsubishi supercar. Then too, you may have to make it mid-engined and with RWD. Some people say that the Eclipse has a big butt (I fail to see how you associate the rear of a car with a part of the body). The car may be front-engined and front-wheel drive, but it is still quite swoopy for its appearance.

The biggest difference between the one I'm discussing in this blog entry and the very first of the 4th Generation Eclipse is that the triangular piece at the front (like on the Lancer Evolution VIII) is gone. There are three trim levels for the Eclipse- the GS, the GS Sport, and the GT. I personally love the GT the most for its sporty appearance and style.

No matter which model you go with, you will see a blacked-out portion to make the front grill appear larger than it really is. All of the models come with a lovely set of headlights. The grill features the three diamonds of Mitsubishi. Below the grill is an extra bar blacked out to make the front grill appear larger than it really is. The front bumper has a nice set of fog lights and an extra little opening. The car features an aggressive front spoiler, even if fairly modest. Dare I say it... the front of the Eclipse has about the same swoopy appeal as another recent Japanese sports car- the Nissan GT-R.

You can almost imagine this car being mistaken for a supercar when you see it from the sides. Why so? Take a look at its side aerodynamics. The car looks like it was born to cut through the wind while devastating everything in its immediate path. Of course, it's tough to do that when you have a front-drive car with swoopy styling. I love how the fenders have some muscle to it to provide some muscle to its soft curves. I would probably prefer the side view mirrors to be pushed further ahead, but then again, I'm no automotive engineer. The moonroof adds to the supercar-like style of this car nicely. I do think the car could use a much nicer set of wheels than what it comes with. I would have loved a sporty pair of five-spoke or six-spoke wheels rather than these wheels the Eclipse comes with. Only the Eclipse GT comes with the sporty rear spoiler.

Many people say the Eclipse has a big rear. The rear light clusters are all crystalized and lovely. Only the Eclipse GT features the sporty low spoiler. The other trim Eclipses have a simple lip spoiler. The rear bumper protrudes out modestly. The twin pair of single-exhaust mufflers accentuate the bottom of the car from the rear. A beautifully-styled and beautifully-sloping rear windshield lovingly compliments the rear style. The Mitsubishi logo and "Eclipse" words are all metallic and stylish. Its rear view is as impressive as the rest of the car.

Its interior offers an extra bit of supercar feel. Maybe not superior supercar persona, but since when was the Eclipse ever any kind of legitimate supercar? The steering wheel is nice, but I would have liked a steering wheel that matches the sporty style and nature better than this steering wheel. The gauges in the instrument panel look sporty and stylish. The center console features some great-looking design. Four circular air conditioning vents add to the overall stylish appeal of the interior. In fact, the whole dashboard is a marriage of sportiness and style. Maybe not style like in any kind of luxurious car, but stylish for its sporty appeal. I couldn't find any decent seat pictures to critique those.

Just to say again... this car has a supercar-like look for the most part. Rather than a mid-engine/RWD car, it's front-engine/FWD. The car certainly looks great (at least to me). Even in Gran Turismo 4, I have one of these as one of my own racing-type cars. I think this car could be better with 4WD. Then too, you'd probably have to change a lot of things to get this car to perform better. I still cannot help but imagine if this was Mitsubishi's own exotic sports car. Just imagine it with a wider body, a longer wheelbase, perhaps more exotic styling touches, and a mid-engine/RWD (or maybe mid/4WD) drivetrain. But.. it's a economy car with supercar-like styling. Only not as beautifully done as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Type 940). The 4th-Gen Eclipse was okay with the little piece in the front grill, but I tend to like this newer design better. It may not be as well-liked among automobile magazines in performance figures, but at least I think it looks great.

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