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Car Style - The Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Type 940)

John Marine | 8/01/2010 10:49:00 PM |
(UPDATED: June 6, 2011)

The 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the replacement to the 147. Alfa Romeo makes some cars that are hit-and-miss design-wise. This one is GORGEOUS! Maybe the most beautiful hatchback ever made. Many people only regard Ferrari and Lamborghini as far as Italian car companies are concerned. Many others, however, disregard the likes of Alfa Romeo. This blog entry is a look at how I think the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is style-wise.


JUN 6 2012 - updated look of post

--- Car Style: The 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta ---

Say hello to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Type 940):

Alfo Romeo Giulietta (Type 940)
^ from: - Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Type 940).

I think this car looks gorgeous. I actually thought the 147 was a nice-looking car, but this car is absolutely beautiful. This new-age Giulietta is a balancing act of gorgeous and sharp. I say "new age" because there have been other Alfa Romeos that have beared the "Giulietta" namesake. It is a front-engine/front-wheel drive family car, but it is also a feast to the eyes.


You can debate about the classic Alfa Romeo center grill designs all you want. On this car, it looks very nice. If eyes are a mirror of the soul (as said by the French), then this car's soul exudes elegance and grace with exotic styling as evidence by its eyes (the headlights). Almost as if it is trying to infuse style elements in more exotic cars into a simple hatchback. Small fog lights on either side on the front bumper only compliment the loveliness exhibited from the grill and the headlights. The openings in the front bumper are as lovely as the rest of the car.

The sides boast a little extra elegance. This is a five-door hatchback, but there are no door handles on the second-row seats. The wheels are styled nicely. The spiral-like wheel spokes make it seem like it is trying to suck you into its appeal like a vacuum. (NOTE: I couldn't find and quality pictures of this car's roof, so I will forego this section).

The rear of this car features some lovely tail lights, a sporty pair of mufflers, and a subtle hatchback spoiler. The tail lights feature some lovely LED tail lights. As the case is, the elegance around the outsides of this car remains intact with the lovely tail light designs. There is a mix of elegance and sportiness that I don't think any other hatchback has.


Its interior makes it look like the Guilietta should have been a sports coupe than a "family" car. Nothing looks cheap inside, but it does sport a pair of sporty seats. The dashboard and instrument panel look very exotic and sporty. Perhaps a bit too sporty for a hatchback. Its steering wheel, however, looks absolutely cheap to me. If you have such a sporty car, the least Alfa Romeo could have done is offer a sporty steering wheel to match the aggression and elegance of its interior and exterior. The center console and shifter both look wonderful. Its seats up front and in the back have that touch of sporty elegance.

I could never connect with the Alfa Romeo MiTo style-wise, but this car is absolutely elegant. Because it's so sporty, I would cringe at calling this a family car. Or look at it like this... the Alfa Romeo GTV and the Alfa Romeo GTV Spider cars were proper sporty cars with exotic style (despite its front-engine/FWD layout), but those two cars have nowhere near the elegance and beautiful appeal this Giulietta Type 940 has. The Giulietta (Type 940), then, has to be in the running for one of the most beautiful cars released this year. It may cost a lot for a "family" car, but this car is an absolute beauty. I want to imagine what this car would look like if it were a sports coupe rather than a five-door hatchback.

Alfa Romeo took a plain jane concept like a hatchback and made a beautiful car with exotic car styling cues. Alfa Romeo proved that hatchbacks don't have to be boring-looking cars with lifeless styling. It somehow seems out of place to have a hatchback with its styling touches. Does a "family car" have to have such exotic style? Regardless, this car is absolutely beautiful. Too bad a car this beautiful may not even be sold in the United States. I can only hope, though, even though there are plans for Alfa Romeo to return to the United States. Beautiful car by Alfa Romeo and a well-done job. Forza Alfa Romeo!

Thank you for reading!

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I totally agree with you, its one fantastic car.

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