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Causes and Charities

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Formerly its own page, I have made this its own blog entry. I will feature various causes and such that you can donate to or contribute to. I'm terribly sorry I haven't consistently looked for good material to feature. What you will see is a variety of causes you can contribute to online or learn more about. I'm not looking for loads of traffic or a sufficient amount of comments- this blog entry is about is about helping others who most need the support.

I thank everyone who found my blog and want to find ways to help any or all of the causes listed below.

EXTRA NOTE: The new "Services" blog label is for various things I want people to check out as a way of saying thanks for visiting.

--- Causes and Charities: Why Bother? ---
The primary reason to donate to charity is because there are people who most need the support. Or for successful charities and causes, these are listed just to keep them charitable. They can be profit or non-profit (or not-for-profit) causes. I've went through all the trouble of featuring these because I would love for people to be more appreciative and kind to others who most need support. Showcasing these links is the very least I can do.

--- Causes and Charities: How This Blog Entry Works ---
I will feature a cause or charity in a hyperlink. I will feature some information on the given cause. You are free to click on the link to learn more about it and/or to donate. If a site does not count international donations, I will be sure to note that. Here is an example:

--- SAMPLE ---
* Cause. (restrictions on donations)
Info about this cause.

Donate to (Cause): Cause's Website

Having said that, let's begin! Remember that this blog entry may be regularly updated to include more content.

--- Causes and Charities ---
This blog entry may be updated regularly to include more content. If you think there is a cause that I should include here, use my "Contact and Feedback" page.

I am not endorsed in any such way by any of these causes; I am only providing them for exposure and to help get people to take some time and provide viable donations via the Internet. The majority of these causes featured are in the United States and may or may not allow international donations. I mention international donations since my blog gets blog hits from around the world, and if anyone wants to contribute internationally, there may be trouble in trying to get your donation going. I will still do my best to showcase as many causes as I can.

* U.S. Marines' Toys for Tots Foundation. (USA donations only)
One thing I hate about the Holidays is when children don't have any toys to play with. I'm such a fan of Toys for Tots because they do an excellent job to help make Christmas bright for children and their families. Think of parents who barely get by financially and can't provide enough to feed and entertain their children. Think of children who feel depressed rather than happy on a festive time of year like Christmas. You don't have to make children suffer! Be sure to donate money, toys, your vehicle, ANYTHING to help children in need. For more information on donation info for Toys for Tots, please click on the link below this paragraph.

Donation info for Toys for Tots

* Locks of Love. (USA donations only(?))
From my very popular "Long Hair" blog entry, Locks of Love is a non-profit organization based in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA dedicated to helping children regrow hair by way of generous hair donations from people like you. Click on "Donate to LOL" to find out how you can contribute to this cause and to .
Donation/Volunteer info for Locks of Love

* God's Special Angel (USA donations only(?))
Amy Barbera's cause is predicated on helping children in need. The singer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA is beautiful not only in looks, but also in heart. Her music captivates and inspires all who listens to it. Her music provides power and inspiration, and you can provide both of these things to children who most need it by visiting the website above. Click on the link I've provided to learn more about how you can help Amy Barbera and God's Special Angel.

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