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John Marine | 8/27/2010 04:49:00 PM |
(UPDATED: October 19, 2014)

Let me take this time to chat about DISQUS. In case you haven't noticed, I joined DISQUS and installed DISQUS. The impact of installing DISQUS on my blog is that I've gotten more comments than I ever had. I've had to change up how blog comments are posted after having to deal with some jackasses online. What is best about DISQUS is that you can post comments as long as you have any such service (like Facebook or Twitter) to post comments. And considering how much traffic I get worldwide to John's Blog Space, I want to give readers a better chance to comment with my material. Blogger/Blogspot doesn't have much control over anonymous comments and making sure to block out jackass commenters. That's why I considered DISQUS after posting on Google's Help Forum for Blogger/Blogspot.

Should you install DISQUS to your blog? Consider DISQUS if you want to have more comments and more ways to get people to comment on your material. You can whitelist some of your best commenters while blacklisting your worst commenters and spammers. DISQUS offers control over your comments much like a good message board. If you want more commenters and better control over comments, DISQUS is worth looking into.

A Word of Warning...

(Section added: May 11, 2011) There is something I must warn you about when using DISQUS. You may want to tighten up on allowing comments to your blog or website if using DISQUS. I often check on my traffic using FEEDJIT. Sometimes, I find that people only find some of my blog posts because they search using "(search term) comments 'powered by DISQUS'." Many of these posts are non-genuine posts that read like these:

"Nice post. Thanks for sharing."

Either that, or they provide genuine comments while also offering a suspicious link. From the DISQUS dashboard, either set your comments to "Registered" or "Registered with Verified Email." Then, allow for many services to post comments. You can let users comment using DISQUS, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and any other services you have enabled for commenting.

Setting your comments to allow anyone to comment will allow for more comments. However, that also includes possible spammers. So it is best to set your comments to "Registered" for more control. If you REALLY want to be tight on control, set your comments to "Registered with verified Email."

Thank you for reading this blog post! For more information on DISQUS and to install it in your blog, visit Just set up an account with DISQUS and then install DISQUS to your blog. You can find out more things I recommend to you if you visit my blog entry entitled So You Want to Blog?.

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John B. Marine said...

disqus makes really easy and comfortable commenting.

John Marine said...

disqus creates really easy and relaxed leaving comments.

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