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Rays of Sunshine

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Peoples' problems and issues sometimes make me want to help any way I can. I am devoting this blog entry to people who help to make others' lives better. People may have perfectly fine lives... except for one day. Even if people hate me, I still want the best for other people. I am fixated on the fact that people often times have to attend to problems that they tend to have no positive progress in living better and happier. So I believe in helping provide happiness to people who either need support or want to be pleasantly surprised with support. Here is just another thoughtful, perspective-filled blog post of mine. The sunshine I am referring to pertains to enlightening and happy moments.

My Own Personal Insight.

Being on the Internet almost every day, the most I can do is to offer a generous voice to people, even if all is already well. The generosity of other people is what helps to make others feel better. I do my best to deliver happiness to others. Doing simple things like saying hello to someone or opening a door for someone generates some kind of happiness to others.

Inspiration to Help Deliver Happiness.

My inspiration to make others feel happy (even if temporarily) is because the world has a lot of negative to it. We are often always reminded of what kind of rough world we live in. You know- war, children being beaten and/or killed, once happy marriages falling apart in a moment's notice, how each day seems to feel like the world and humanity will come to an end, and that sort of thing. It is the kind of attitude that makes us believe that our presence in this world doesn't mean anything to anyone.

I chose to offer my kindness and support because I am even inspired by my own adventures. There were times when I felt like nobody cared about me, almost as if I am in a war, and I am a one-man army. I've seen my grades slip, friends leave me, prospects of hope go to shambles... and I just feel old and worthless. My life has gotten better since progressing through college, but I feel for all the rough moments I have endured, I sometimes feel like I should release my own pain to others in the form of positivity. There is also another reason- to show people that I am not a bad person. You sometimes have to keep reassuring people of your kindness and good character every day. Even if people around you love you, continue to prove your love and loyalty to others.

I am sometimes talked about like I always be kind to others while not being real. Make no mistake- I have an anger problem. Anger has a serious effect on us. It makes us realize just how far we can be pushed and makes us explore the limits of our rage. Sometimes, I scare myself realizing just how upset I can be. That's why I try to think positively and be kind to others because I don't hate anyone. It isn't as if I am at church every Sunday morning confessing my sins and begging for forgiveness- I am just an average person who tries to think positively and hopefully.

Reaching Out and Helping Someone.

There are people I wish I could work with to help them to feel better about themselves and about life. Some people I come across in real life and online really help me want to offer help (as long as I am capable of performing a given task). I don't ever want a friend or a respected one to suffer and struggle in life. So in essence, I deeply think of those whom I feel are most hurt or not having the happiest of times. I am often sad that I am not there to offer my support and calming words in person to others, because while the Internet is good, there's more power in offering kind words and performing acts of benevolence to others in person.

A Final Salute...

To those of you who know anyone who has helped to become a positive influence and a positive inspiration to others, I salute you. You all represent sunshine in a cloudy world. You represent eye-opening hope for those who always feel down and defeated. You give people a chance to feel happy about themselves and for them to prosper. You represent encouragement and promise.

Look at it this way... people could just profess their problems, and you chose to offer kind words to life the spirits of a depressed person or someone who isn't having a good day. You, then, are a ray of sunshine helping drive away storm clouds in peoples' lives. Life has sunny and stormy days. However, we don't have to live in rough times all the time. We need people who help make a difference and offer encouragement in a negative world. I sometimes even try to get myself to realize that there are positive things in this world amid all the negativity we face.

So I salute everyone who are rays of sunshine in the lives of others. I also salute all of you who took the time to read this blog post. Thank you for reading. Make yourself a better person- try to offer happiness and encouragement to others rather than reinforce the negativity our world and life imposes on others.
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