Friday, December 24, 2010

Don't Help Others if Others Can't Help Themselves.

John Marine | 12/24/2010 11:20:00 PM | |
What bothers me in trying to offer help sometimes is when others won't allow themselves to get help. We all do what we can to help others. Is it a choice we make? It is our own generosity that help us help others in need, but when someone either doesn't want any help or takes advantage of us, it becomes an issue of "why am I helping you out anyways?" Do some people realize that through offering a helping hand and giving hope to others that we are doing this out of love and out of hope... yet some people don't allow themselves to be helped or to receive help?

Basically, if you try to lend and exhaust your services to help others, and if others either don't care or aren't grateful enough to receive such support... let them be. They don't want to be helped and probably couldn't give a damn about you trying to help them. Some people are either too good for, or don't appreciate that people actually care for other people and the welfare of such people. The fact that you don't know someone personally yet still want to help, that alone shows compassion and support. You want to make a difference for people who possibly never expected or never anticipate such support. There are a few different views of this- either there are people who have never had or wanted help from other people, or there are those who are too insensitive and unkind to be worth any attention. Therefore, it's a case of "why bother?" if someone is going to be so stubborn and ungrateful.

I think some people almost kind of goad us into opening our hearts and our compassion to them... only to be turned down. We exhaust our efforts to help them, and they don't appreciate their support. So you know what? If some people don't want to be helped despite your best efforts to help them...

"Don't help others if others can't help themselves."
-John Marine

If people are too good to be helped or don't appreciate the outpouring of support from honest-to-goodness people, let them suffer. Maybe they'll have a change of heart when it's almost too late to get some help that could have been administered a long time ago when all hope seemed lost. Sometimes, learning lessons the hard way makes us better. It is pretty sad I'm posting this blog entry only almost 3/4 of an hour away from Christmas. However, this is one of many blog posts I never finished for 2010 until now. But just to say one last time- don't bother helping people who don't want to be helped. They somehow know how to escape from situations without help from anyone (though they may admit that having some help would be nice), so let them escape from their own transgressions if they are so brave and talented. Don't help people if they can't help themselves or allow themselves to get help.

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