Saturday, December 25, 2010

What If - a Full Grid of Red Bull X1s?

John Marine | 12/25/2010 10:52:00 AM | | |
The Red Bull X1 in Gran Turismo 5 is an insane racing machine. Its speeds and cornering abilities are unreal. Imagine if every driver and every team used their own Red Bull X1s. The X1 was created as a racing machine that wonders what if racing machines had no limits. From what I've read, the Red Bull X1 does not feature any technologies not already found in today's automobiles and race cars. It leaves to the question of if Red Bull and/or Polyphony Digital (or somebody else) would actually produce the X1. Well, here is a baseline to give you an idea as to what could be possible if all current F1 teams all used the same Red Bull X1 (or made their own Red Bull X1s). Here is a note- EVERYTHING is in real time, and it's a two lap run:

Now imagine a full grid of these taking part in an F1 Grand Prix weekend. To me, Formula 1 really requires a great level of physical fitness. If there were 20+ of these for all the drivers, the G-forces exerted would be absolutely insane. Imagine having to have a reaction time much quicker than what most F1 racers are used to anyways. Imagine side-by-side battles in these super racing machines. What if there was a crash? How much safer would it be racing this car compared to racing in a standard F1 car?

It is important to note that this is merely a concept- just like the Nike One 2022 in Gran Turismo 4. In my view, and speaking as a racing game fan, the X1 is primarily a WipEout ship... only without weapons and with four tires. To give you perspective, the lap record around Suzuka (as of the date of this blog post) is 1:31.540 set by Kimi Raikkonen (I was unable to use the proper spelling of Raikkonen) in 2005. The X1 would lap Suzuka in the 1:05.000 range. Therefore, the X1 could lap a course by at least 20 to 25 seconds faster than any average F1 car. Also... can any of the camera workers actually keep up with these cars? Can the fans in the stands follow these cars as they blast by?

Because the X1 has headlights, could you possibly incorporate some more night races? Could it even take on Le Mans (good luck trying to squeeze in drivers!)?

Can you really imagine if this was the new F1 car? Can you imagine if this was the car (or at least a template) for what teams tried to create and race in F1? Do you think F1 would even survive with this car? Comment away, F1 fans!

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