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It is rare I do movie reviews. I just don't really watch movies all that often. I was hankering to actually use my PC's DVD-playing capabilities and actually watch a DVD movie for a change. If you can't tell by the title, I'm talking about "Cars" from Disney/Pixar. This blog post is a little look at what I think of this movie. I don't watch movies often, so I can't say I'll keep providing blog posts regarding specific movies.

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--- "Cars" at a Glance ---
PERSONAL NOTE: I don't do movie reviews often. I will try to review the movie without giving away valuable parts of the movie. Any movie reviews I attempt to do won't come too often. Though I rarely do these, I'll do my best to discuss things professionally, as I've done in all of my blogging work.

Cars DVD cover
^ from: - Strap in... "Cars" will take you for a ride!

Basic Setup.

Cars involves the story of one car #95- Lightning McQueen. He's the young and brash rookie trying to win the Piston Cup as a rookie. He is a heartthrob full of spunk and character as he races hard to please his many racing fans. In the penultimate round of the Piston Cup championship, a crazy finish in one race leads to an exciting final race in California. En route to making that long trip to California, certain events have led to Lightning McQueen appearing in a run-down town in the desert called Radiator Springs. It is here where our protagonist learns some valuable lessons in life and makes him a better person (or car, in this case).

This movie is rated "G" by the Motion Picture Association of America.


Here are some of the many characters in the movie:
• Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson)
• Doc Hudson (Paul Newman)
• Mater (Larry the Cable Guy)
• Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt)
• Darrell Cartrip (Darrell Waltrip)

Thoughts on "Cars."

Let's get one thing straight- "Cars" is a funny movie! A lot of the automotive humor and such make this movie fun to watch, at least to me. What I was most gripped to were the various emotional aspects of the movie. You really feel connected to the story and the environment as everything is showcased in a great way. I felt very connected to the characters and the environment as the movie progressed. But again- the movie is very funny!

The biggest thing I took away from "Cars" is the real connection between the characters and car culture. There are multiple car cultures merging in one movie- NASCAR culture, hot rod culture, muscle car culture, European car culture, and even tuner car culture. You sense it not only in the characters, but also with Radiator Springs.

You don't have to be a car fan to appreciate "Cars," but it helps. Having this appreciation adds some character to all the action that takes place. The movie also has a pretty good soundtrack. Sheryl Crow, Brad Paisley, and even Kenny G are featured among the many songs in this movie.

It was a great movie. Perhaps too bad I haven't seen it any earlier, but remember- I don't really watch movies. Don't hate them; I just don't watch movies all that much. About as much as I don't really read books. With "Cars 2" coming soon, I can really say that if the first "Cars" was any indication, the second movie could be as much of a hit as the first one.


Here is your video preview of Cars:

Here is the DVD I saw it on, which you can get on Amazon:

It's rare I do movie reviews because I don't usually watch movies. In addition, I don't devote my time and energy towards certain material I do not specialize in or can confidently post material about. So don't expect too many of these posts from me. I am in charge of my own blog, and I have only myself to look after in consistently providing quality material for the world to read.

More info about "Cars" can be found in these links:

"Cars" official home page
"Cars" on Pixar's website
"Cars" on IMDb

Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

I loved this movie (and I don't particularly care for!) probably because it's a Disney/Pixar movie and I love them all.  It was very funny and cute!  I can't wait to see the new one, Cars 2, that comes out soon. :)   I adore watching movies, perhaps a bit too much!, they're so much fun and an escape from reality, which is nice!  Interesting post, I love movie reviews. 

<3 Principessa

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