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The Jeremy Kyle Show

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(UPDATED: February 15, 2012)

The Jeremy Kyle Show is a show that has been around for some time in its native England. The show has debuted an American version in September 2011. How would I describe Jeremy Kyle? Well, think of someone with Maury's class but with Judge Judy's no-nonsense. He is unbiased and passionate towards trying to help families and couples in crisis. However, he does it an unapologetic manner. This is someone who will confront his guests straight up to convince them to change their brutal ways. While some may deem him as being controversial and too arrogant in his approach to help others, Jeremy Kyle is doing something that matters more than anything- getting results and resolution.

Here is a look at the Jeremy Kyle show. This one is the American sneak peek:

And this is a sample of The Jeremy Kyle Show in the United Kingdom:

Finally, here is a video of Jeremy Kyle on The Wendy Williams Show; where Jeremy Kyle explains his show to others. Here is a more lighthearted Jeremy Kyle expressed in this video:

Now you know about Jeremy Kyle and his show. I mentioned he's like the combination of Maury and Judge Judy. He is someone outspoken and to the point. No distractions or tomfoolery gets in his way to get through to people who need help. I speak respectfully of Jeremy Kyle, but many have considered him controversial for how he deals his brand of justice and resolution on his show.

(ADDED: January 19, 2012; EDITED: Febuary 15, 2012)
I really have to say that Jeremy Kyle (who is nicknamed "Jezza") is probably the ONLY daytime talk show host where guests are unafraid to get on the host's case. Very few hosts get hated on by guests quite like what Jeremy Kyle does. You have to see some of the British shows to see how some of the British guests have treated this guy.

I respect Jeremy Kyle because he is someone who is tell-it-like-it-is, but also someone impervious to other peoples' crap. He represents a brand of justice and resolution that is difficult to grasp at first glance. I think it is something he passionately believes in. I also respect his stance on not believing in violence or arguing to get in the way of resolving matters. In fact, there are times where he could just take people off the stage or out of the studio who refuse to be helped or are so full or problems that they can't be helped. Jeremy Kyle has the ability to get through to people in his own way. In one video piece, he mentions that others have deemed him all kinds of negative things, he claims he is just being honest.

A reason why you should care about this show is that this show is that The Jeremy Kyle Show is because it involves resolution. I guess Jeremy Kyle's mindset is about getting results and resolution. Dr. Janet Taylor is a big part in the department of helping guests start anew. Her insight and expertise helps in trying to help others. The Jeremy Kyle Show is all about trying to resolve matters in a mature matter. He really is about focusing on the task at hand rather than let silly nonsense get in the way.

Most of my blog posts are usually detailed. Here, I am just posting this one rather quickly because I didn't intend on being too detailed on this show.

Basically, I respect Jeremy Kyle for how he does his show and the results he can garner. The show's primary daytime TV opposition will mostly be Maury and Steve Wilkos, and maybe Bill Cunningham as well. Be sure to check local times and listings in case you want to see The Jeremy Kyle Show on American TV.

To learn more about the Jeremy Kyle Show, visit the following links:

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