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The Bill Cunningham Show

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The Bill Cunningham Show is a daytime talk show that first hit the airwaves in September 2011. It joins a number of other different daytime talk shows trying to win your respect. Various topics ranging from sex and cheating to family crises are discussed on The Bill Cunningham Show.

--- The Bill Cunningham Show ---

Bill Cunningham himself has served as a lawyer for a long time. He is also a parent. He hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; and is a graduate of Xavier University as well as the University of Toledo Law School. Bill Cunningham brings his expertise and experience to help out guests on his show. So when it comes to some of the various issues covered on the show, it is pretty understandable about his takes with the various guests. Many of the topics involve some of the usual issues- sex, cheating, family crises, and things like that. The show is taped in New York City and produced by Tribune Entertainment and ITV Studios America.

This show, to me, is sort of a throwback to traditional '90s style daytime talk shows. It has the drama of Maury with the raunchy nature of Jerry Springer, but is all covered as casually as Ricki Lake or Jenny Jones. He'll use terminology like BFF (Best Friend Forever) and lots of other casual terms. It is a very casual and loose daytime talk show that still is about action. The action, however, doesn't get OVERLY dramatic to where it becomes something too raunchy for TV. It is a pretty entertaining show.

The show has a few segments devoted to helping out the guests. What follows at about the 40-minute mark is "Talk Back With Bill," where the microphones are dropped as audience members ask questions to featured guests. Towards the 50-minute mark of episodes, an expert offers opinions based on what he/she has heard and seen from guests featured on the show. The final segment features the "Bottom Line," Which is similar to Jerry Springer's "Final Thoughts."

Brief Review.

I think this show has a little of everything and makes for great TV. Maybe my biggest let down of the show is that I don't usually see any sort of resolution or progress on the show. Like when I watch Maury or Jeremy Kyle, I usually sense a sense of resolution with most guests on the set. I don't really see that on The Bill Cunningham Show. Otherwise, this is an entertaining show.

Video Preview.

Here is a brief preview of what The Bill Cunningham Show is about:

And that will conclude this blog post on The Bill Cunningham Show.

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GlamChameleon said...

I heard for Bill but to be honest this is the first time I have seen some of his videos. Now that I have few more links I will check them!:)
Wishing u great day John!!!!!!!!!

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