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Dragg (a.k.a. Sean S.)

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(UPDATED: July 31, 2012)

Can you still have visions... even if visually impaired? One hip-hop artist from South Africa will not let being visually impaired ruin his vision of becoming a successful artist. His name is Dragg, also known as Sean S. Per the request of a loyal reader, I am introducing my readers to Dragg and his music. Hello to all of my readers worldwide. Welcome to John's Blog Space!

NOTE: I was asked to review this artist's music. Any reviewing is all personal and honest opinion.


JUL 31 2012 - added mixtape called "The Warm Up Vol. 1"

--- Dragg at a Glance ---

(Information for this first paragraph provided by SoundCloud)

Dragg was born Lawrence Sean Sibanda in Johannesburg, South Africa. The (born: October 26, 1993)-year old had a health complication that was mistaken for malaria. After getting the wrong medication for two months, it was later discovered he had meningitis. The end result was a complete loss of vision and partial hearing loss in his left ear. Despite this most unfortunate situation, Dragg never gave up on his dreams and still wants to pursue being a successful recording artist. His biggest influence is West Coast rapper, The Game. Dragg's producer inspirations include Ryan Lesley, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, the RZA, Swiss Beats, and Scot Stotch. Dragg now resides in the United Kingdom.

And you now know about Dragg. Up now is some of the music he's released online.

--- Dragg: Music ---

Once again, I'd like to thank the loyal reader who E-mailed me about Dragg. I'll try to feature the music of Dragg and offer my thoughts.

You know, I don't think I've EVER included any SoundCloud material in a blog post. So this will be a first for me. I'll feature some of his songs here and offer a few thoughts. Each heading is the name of the song. I will only feature a few of his songs here. The rest can be heard in links provided later in this post.

A few of the songs may contain some coarse language, so listen at your own discretion.

"Vodka and Redbull."

A "rule" I tend to follow is that you always listen to the song that is played most. So I started with this one. Have a listen:

THOUGHTS: Very cool song. This can easily be a song to bump at the nightclub.

"Get It, Got It, Good."

Dragg hooked up with another rapper named Ekko for this one. This is a fast-paced song with a very good beat. Listen up:

THOUGHTS: I think Dragg was going for somewhat of a cross of Lil' Wayne and Ludacris in this one. This was a cool song. I enjoyed it. Ekko's contribution to this song was equally sweet.

"Dear Mama."

When I think of a rapper paying tribute to mom, I usually think of the late Tupac Shakur. Dragg pays tribute to his mother here:

THOUGHTS: Showing love for your mother through the means of music ALWAYS gets respect from me.

For more, visit Dragg's SoundCloud page. This link will be featured again later in this post.

--- Final Thoughts on Dragg ---

I've actually heard most of the five songs on SoundCloud on Dragg. Reading his story and hearing his music gives me the impression that while you may or may not be visually impaired, you shouldn't let those ruin any vision you have towards being successful. You can be visually impaired but still have perfect vision towards being as successful in any arena of life you devote your full energy towards. Considering how young Dragg is (18 as of the date and time of this initial blog post), I can see a vastly successful career ahead of him if producers give him a chance and if music listeners can appreciate Dragg's talent. Is Dragg going to be the next best thing in the genre? His inspiration alone is enough to show that anyone can follow their dreams and make it big.

I will say this much- I'm rooting for this guy to be a success. Someone whom has had such struggles in life can still thrive in a field and in an industry he/she devotes his/her full energy towards. You don't have to have perfect vision to have and pursue visions intimate to you. In the case of Dragg, his vision is to be a success. I think he's well on his way to being a success and an inspiration. Question is... how many big breaks will Dragg get from world-renowned producers and major international audiences, and how will he cash in on these opportunities if provided to him? Will he be able to tour internationally and share his talent with the world? Will he take part in various philanthropic efforts to help others in need and provide benevolence to charities and causes?

Whatever the case, I wish Dragg well in all of his endeavors.

(ADDED: July 31, 2012)
Dragg released his mixtape called "The Warm Up Volume 1." You can check out this 12-track collection by following this link: "The Warm Up Volume 1" on It has a good set of songs ranging from club bangers to inspirational pieces. You'll likely love this mixtape if you enjoyed the music featured in this post. So listen already! :)

That concludes this blog post. Once again, thanks to the loyal E-Mailer who introduced me to Dragg. I get the feeling that some people think I don't listen to or regard my loyal audience. Thing is- I do. Just that not as many people actually want to contact me about things. So it's actually refreshing some loyal readers actually contact me whether through E-Mail or through my Facebook fan page. I don't just include the "like me, contact me," thing just to make my posts look pretty- I actually want you to contact me and show your support for me and my work if they mean so much to you. If you think I could do better at something, let me know. Don't just come and go.

You can learn more about Dragg (a.k.a. Sean S.) by visiting these links:
Dragg (official homepage)
Dragg on Myspace Music
"Like" Dragg on Facebook
Dragg's YouTube channel
Follow Dragg on Twitter!
Dragg on SoundCloud
"The Warm Up Volume 1" on

Thanks to the E-Mailer for bringing Dragg to my attention, and thank you for reading!

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