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Ever heard reggae music before? Reggae is usually not a style of music I listen to constantly, but I will admit- it can be VERY relaxing as well as cool to listen to. Hearing smooth vocals along with mellow guitars and drums makes reggae great to listen to. I am no authority on reggae, but I will introduce this style of music to all of my lovely readers (yourself included!).

I'd like to send a special hello to all fans of reggae as well as many people in the Caribbean who enjoy reggae music.

(Some information in this paragraph provided from Wikipedia)

--- Reggae ---

I don't know the reggae culture at all. I've heard of (for example) certain songs being made that may or may not get released depending on a few certain factors. I primarily will focus on reggae as from Jamaica- not most of the other related elements of reggae. Reggae originated in the late 1960s from Jamaica. I've read that reggae mostly surfaced with the development of ska and rocksteady in Jamaica. Its influences, however, are mostly based on African music, American jazz, and old-time rhythm and blues. The traditional instruments used in reggae music include a drum kit, guitars (mostly the bass guitar).

I only know of the late Bob Marley as far as reggae is concerned. Most people would see Bob Marley as a deity or the tip of the iceberg of reggae. Jokingly... the smoking crowd sees most reggae music (including Bob Marley's music) as the perfect music to listen to while smoking. Here is a brief video piece regarding Bob Marley:

^ "RIP Bob Marley: 30th Anniversary of Reggae Legend's Death "

What I Love About Reggae Music.

What makes reggae cool to me is in listening to the mellow flow of the instrumentals as well as the smooth vocals. Hearing the sort of tropical vibe of these songs is also what makes reggae great to me.

I'll share with you a few reggae songs to get you into reggae. For a deeper look at reggae through Wikipedia, visit Reggae on Wikipedia.

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--- Reggae Music ---

So you've never heard reggae music before? After reading this blog post and listening/seeing these videos, you will now say that you have a little knowledge of reggae music. This is not a favorite collection or any definitive collection of reggae. Instead, I am simply providing these videos as a way to educate and entertain my audience viewing this post.

Reggae Sample: Bob Marley.

I began mentioning Bob Marley, so I'll feature one of his songs first. This is one of his classics. And for myself personally, a great and inspirational song of Bob Marley's:

^ "Bob Marley Get Up Stand Up"

Reggae Sample: Spiritual Reggae Band.

I think you'll dig this. Listen to the deep guitars and vocals to this one. The messages in the music are also deep. I think you'll love this one:

^ "Spiritual Reggae Band - Wake Up and Live"

Reggae Sample: Ziggi Recado.

I was looking around on YouTube for some modern reggae. NEVER heard of this guy until preparing this blog post. People... you GOT to hear this! He may be Dutch, but this guy delivers with "I Need to Tell You This":

^ "Ziggi Recado - Need to Tell You This"

Reggae Sample: Shaggy.

I certainly remember hearing Shaggy through the mid-1990s. In fact, there was a spoof version of this song as my Houston Rockets were actually a great team (we did have a guy named Hakeem Olajuwon who played for us. You might have heard of him before, basketball fans) where one of the lines was "slam dunk 'yo momma!" Good times! '90s flashback right here:

^ "Shaggy - Bombastic"

Reggae Sample: Patra.

Let me bring some girl power into this blog post. Here is some reggae from 1993 from an artist named Patra. Old school reggae, anyone?

^ "Patra - Queen of the Pack"

Reggae Sample: Collie Buddz.

If you're a wrestling fan, you may have heard this song before. Kofi Kingston's theme song is "S.O.S." by Collie Buddz. Have a listen:

^ "Collie Buddz - SOS Kofi Kingston Theme"

Reggae Sample: Sean Paul.

I'll admit... I'm not really into Sean Paul. However, I do need to feature him since this is reggae most people of today's ilk would know of. So here is one of Sean Paul's songs:

^ "We Be Burning - Sean Paul (Official Video)"

One time, Shaggy noted to the Artisan News Service that Sean Paul is not getting as much attention as he should for Sean Paul's dancehall reggae style. If you're interested to hear what Shaggy had to say, click on the following link to hear his thoughts on Sean Paul: SHAGGY GOES TO BAT FOR SEAN PAUL AND DANCEHALL REGGAE.

Reggae Sample: Ini Kamoze.

Here's a song I got tired of hearing in the '90s. But like most other songs I've featured, I have to feature this for my interested audience. Get ready for another piece of '90s nostalgia:

^ "Here Comes The Hotstepper - Ini Kamoze"

So you now have a look at reggae music. I personally would like to thank everyone who allowed videos to be embedded. It saves the effort for my readers to have to get onto YouTube to see the videos so they can look here instead without leaving.

I hope you were able to enjoy this blog post on reggae music. It really wasn't my best effort- I could do a lot more, but this was still my very best effort to try to

My brother recommends you check out the Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio podcast if you love reggae music. It is one of the most popular reggae podcasts in the world. So visit this podcast if you love reggae: Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio (PodOmatic).

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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