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John's Corner: 2012 Thoughts

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A new year is coming up. I decided to use this "John's Corner" post to offer some thoughts on 2012 while also offering thoughts on the future. I also have a few confessions to share. So I hope you can have a look at my blog post and get an idea of the future for me and my online work. Welcome back to my blogging universe and my main blog- John's Blog Space! This is another installment of "John's Corner!"

--- John's Corner: 2012 Thoughts ---

Here are various thoughts I will share on a number of things.

2012 in Blogging.

Among other things, I am thankful for my blogs to reach view milestones. I know I've inched closer towards the unprecedented 2M view mark for John's Blog Space. "John's Shop Space" recently surpassed the six-figure view mark back on December 30, 2012. My Gran Turismo blog surpassed 50K views earlier this year. I was even happy for my latest blog- "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- to get over 10K views as I try to get that blog up and running.

Despite all of this, I am most disappointed that my main blog (John's Blog Space) got so few views for December 2012. I noted my main blog was declining in views. I wasn't sure how to remedy this. After all- all I do is blog; everything else depends on how many other people view my material.

Popularity for my StyleSpace blog mostly came from a controversial website that made mention to me in regards to somebody else's blog. While I am pleased I got so many views in short order, I was not pleased that (that site) said certain foul things about me. This is something where I am proud to get attention, only not proud of the specific attention I received.

2012 in Meeting Others.

I feel very proud in meeting so many people online and seeing many other blogs. I really feel happy to extend my international appeal to try to meet many more people in many more places. Perhaps I am most pleased to try to extend my appeal to people from places like India and Kazakhstan. I got to know a blogger from the Bahamas. I came across two stylish Romanian ladies. I met my first Bulgarian fashion blogger. I even joined LOOKBOOK to meet some stylish folks to perhaps add to my fashion discussions. I've seen two blogs I follow change names- "PetiteLittleGirl" is now "Sydney's Fashion Diary," and "Really Petite" became "Stylish Petite." Most of all, I was pleased meeting a stylish blogger from Kazakhstan. I even made the effort to try to find more Central Asian ladies to feature in my "Central Asian Beauties" blog post. All in all, expanding my horizons and meeting more people from more places makes me happy any day of the week. There is nothing better than meeting loyal people who actually respect your work. I even welcome people who respectfully disagree with my material.

While I did enjoy meeting new people and connecting with old blogging friends, I became increasingly concerned with certain bloggers who admitted having certain personal problems. Without naming specific bloggers, there were some who felt depressed. Some others wanted to take a break from blogging. One felt continually disrespected by certain people. Even I came in to send a personal E-Mail showing how much I love and respect her and her blog. I think about almost every blog I follow. I want to be sure that the ones I follow are happy and focused. Some who don't even have enough will to continue blogging are those who I grow concerned for as well.

I wish more people can engage with me to show their support of my work. I hate feeling like I have visitors that just come in and don't want to show any support. I want more people to follow my work and show support for my work.

2012 in YouTube.

I remained mostly silent on YouTube for the second half of 2012, but I remained active commenting on videos and meeting various people on YouTube. I lost my desire to actually make videos. Also, I was dealing with some personal issues that have prevented me from being confident and active in my work.

Speaking of personal problems, that leads to my next section.

--- Getting Personal ---

I am going to admit a few things. I have been depressed myself and stressed about a number of things outside of my control this year and from 2011. I have lost interest in doing a certain number of things. That even includes not being on PlayStation Network as I used to be, not playing certain games for a while, not making and releasing videos, and things like that. Certain negative thoughts have swirled around in my mind to where I feel unable to do things like feel happy, exercise, sleep well at night, and the like. My own sadness even related to waiting for the chance to finally get my Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 (a definite highlight for me in 2012). I kept watching YouTube videos mostly on tech products just to remain happy and hopeful I'd get it after making enough money through Adsense and other services. I still want to get the 4.2 Samsung Galaxy Player. Not sure if I want to sell my SGP 3.6 prior to getting the 4.2 or not.

Most of my own personal issues have limited my ability to make more material for my blogs and my YouTube videos. All of 2011, I released 12 videos. I released 12 videos even before the second half of 2012. Things change. My only hope is that I can get over the woes of 2012 and work towards a more positive 2013. At least this year was better than 2011's many disappointments for me.

As my blog and my life have entered some downtime and some lazy time, I felt powerless to try to get things to improve. I just don't have too many answers to try to remedy the downtime I was experiencing. So what I hope for is to make some sort of effort to turn around any depressing times and feel more confident about myself than any time in the past.

Let me introduce you to my theme I am considering making and implementing.

A Brief Preview of My New Theme.

My blog (and maybe even my life) will take on sort of a new theme. The next theme to my online work will be called "Enduring Spirit." This theme is what I will use to mean being able to remain active and determined even in the face of negativity. Even when times are rough, it is important for your spirit to remain strong even as times get rough. I will share more info on this new theme once I finally find a way to implement it into my work.

To everyone whom have followed my work this year, thank you very much. I honestly and truly love all of my loyal readers and supporters. Thank you for supporting all of my online work. I hope I can get more of you people to interact with me and my work. Before I show you the usual sign-off to my blog posts, I want you to get social with me. Here are ways you can reach out to yours truly if you love my online material:

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With that said... thank you for reading!

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Ember Drake said...

Happy New Year John! :-)

Thank you for your lovely comment - I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and comments over the past few months since we started following each other!

Here's to a positive 2013 and happy blogging to come!


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