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John's Corner: Hello and Goodbye

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"John's Shop Space" is no more as of this blog as of this post. This edition of "John's Corner" highlights on one blog's end and the beginning of another. I rarely promoted JSS because it was it was meant to be a secondary blog focused mostly on shopping for items based on relevant content from my main blogs. A number of factors led me to ultimately retire "John's Shop Space." Among others, I failed to find topics or items to showcase to keep it going. I also failed to find ways to extend its lifespan with new topics and interesting content. So in the end, and after a few people got on me regarding JSS like it was a spam blog, I decided to terminate "John's Shop Space."

All is not entirely lost, though. Welcome to another edition of...

Johns Corner

JOHN'S CORNER! This is my series of blog posts that are just about me talking to all of you one-on-one. NOTE: Click on the above graphic to see all the latest "John's Corner" posts, including this one.

In case you didn't know, I started a new blog back on March 21, 2014 called "John's Creative Space." It is the new "red" blog in my blogging universe. JCS is a blog regarding my own creative works- namely art, music, literature, and more. It is a positive space where I basically have fun showcasing my own sort of media work for you all to enjoy. I feel very happy to be able to have a certain online medium where I can share these works in a more visible setting as opposed to my massive main blog- "John's Blog Space." Here is the motto/mantra for JCS:

"Get inspired. Get motivated. Get creative!"

Remembering JSS...

Thanks to everyone who supported my rarely-promoted blog. I had to pull the plug on it, eventually. So allow me to offer this brief summary of "John's Shop Space" and its stats:

• "John's Shop Space" reached about 121,679 views through its time online.
• There have been officially 88 posts to it.
• The most number of views in one day was 246 back on June 16, 2012.
• The most number of views in one month was 5,560 views back in September 2010.
• The highest observed number of FeedBurner subscribers for JSS was 36 back on October 18, 2011.
• The highest FeedBurner Reach I got was 59 back on June 27, 2011.
• The most popular post (notoriously, in my opinion) on JSS was my blog post there about swimsuits. Primarily because I discussed swimsuits for children; and that's what a majority of people were searching for, even though I discussed swimsuits for males and females- including children.

Now for the burial service for "John's Shop Space"...

"John's Shop Space"
Sunrise: June 4, 2010 ~ Sunset: March 28, 2014

Is there a lesson to be learned here? This is perhaps the best one to all of my blogging types:

Do not try to extend the life of something if it just isn't working despite your best efforts.

I actually worked to preserve all of the material from "John's Shop Space" so that I could implement them into edits across my other blogs and their posts. So you may see certain edits made to various blog posts in an effort to add more content to them. The edited content may consist of material I posted on "John's Shop Space" and then ported over to existing blog posts elsewhere. Yes- I saved all 88 posts from JSS into individual text files for archiving. It goes to show you how important I feel my posts and my presence online are. So you may see old material resurface and be put into existing blogs and existing posts.

Moving On...

With that said, I must move on as a blogger. That concludes John's Corner; but if you want to visit my new blog, you are welcome to do so by clicking on the graphic below:

Johns Creative Space

Feel free to Follow and Subscribe to that blog if its content interests you.

One blog is no more; one blog is still in its infancy. I hope you have a great day and that you continue to enjoy my blogging work. Thank you for reading!

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