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Fist of Awesome

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"FIST!" Animal rights activists may not approve of "Fist of Awesome" by I Fight Bears. Then again, they may even boycott a game design studio with a name of "I Fight Bears." But for us gamers... who gives a flying crap? "Fist of Awesome" is made by Nicoll Hunt of the British development studio "I Fight Bears" and features a lumberjack trying to rescue humanity from bears, who have become the dominant species in the world. This lumberjack has a golden ally- one big fist! Can this lumberjack save humanity? You're going to need to utilize these skills and more to take down these evil forces. This blog post is my own sort of review based on my playing of "Fist of Awesome."

NOTE: My review and thoughts are based on my experience playing the OUYA version of "Fist of Awesome."

--- Fist of Awesome ---

Fist of Awesome
^ from: (click this link to buy on Google Play) - "Ever wanted to punch a bear in the mouth?".

"Fist of Awesome" is a brawler game where most of your enemies are wild animals and (of course) bears. You play as Tim Burr, a lumberjack who was enjoying time with his family until something unusual happened. The forest gets set on file, Tim's house is on fire, and his family is missing. All the while, Tom has an epic living fist ready to knock out those evil creatures and retake control of humanity. That epic left hand will be put to good use and will be a great weapon in the quest to rescue humanity. Standing in your way of saving humanity are lots of grizzly beasts with and without clothes.

This game consists of two modes- Legend and Arena. Legend has you running the main storyline of "Fist of Awesome," and Arena is a mode dedicated more towards deathmatch and handling waves of enemies. Most of my experience playing this game is mostly through Legend mode. Progress in these modes earn you experience good for upgrading characters. Upgrading characters allows you to enhance the main attributes while playing the game. The attributes you can configure include the following:

• Health: increases more health so you can last longer.
• Attack: increases attack power when performing regular attacks.
• Speed: increases speed so you can execute attacks quicker and move faster.
• Special: increases the power of Special attacks.

The game involves some time travel, and you will be venturing through some times to take down the bears and other animals that have taken over as dominant species. Upgrade your abilities to keep pace against the beasts. You will be taking on these beasts in vastly pixelated glory. You even get to enjoy some cool sounds and even hearing "FIST!" when that epic fist is used. The game uses an Auto-Save system. So when you're defeated, you start off at the last scene you were working on before being knocked out. In fact, when I started working on this blog post again, I was NEVER defeated in the Normal difficulty setting until I started being defeated for the first time in any level.

A few things to be wary of in this game... there is a little bit of bad language with "damn" and "hell" being used, but this game isn't entirely some mature-level game. I'll put it like this- it is less mature than when I reviewed "Fist Puncher."

--- Fist of Awesome: Final Thoughts and Review ---

"Fist of Awesome" has a great feel to it as a brawler. However, I think the pace of the game is rather slow compared to the classic brawler games that inspired this game. People who may see this game for the first time ever may easily say this is an ugly-looking game because of its pixelated graphics. PLEASE do not fall into the trap of thinking this game isn't worth playing just because of its graphics! If you look beyond the pixelated look of this game, you'll see this game performs just as brilliantly as any other brawler game. And it isn't as if this game is too ugly looking to be worth playing. Cool music is in this game. "Fist of Awesome" has some great humor, and some of the jokes are pretty funny.

The only things I'd change about this game is a little more variety in enemy types as well as more methods to dole out punishment. I would add more abilities, maybe some items and weapons to clear out waves of enemies faster, and most importantly, find ways to make the game feel faster. Those are things I'd look at if "Fist of Awesome" were to have a sequel or a complete upgrade. Something indifferent would be the ability to have different characters to use and maybe even some multiplayer action. After all, beat-em-ups are more fun and easier when you bring along a buddy or more.

Video Preview.

This video is your first look at "Fist of Awesome" in case you were compelled by my review of this game. Click the link below the video if you can't view embedded media:

^ "FIST OF AWESOME - PC & Mac Release"

For More Information...

Visit for more information on "Fist of Awesome."

That concludes this blog post.

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