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League of Evil

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League of Evil is an indie game by Noodlecake Studios Inc. offering quick action. You are a highly-trained operative out to try to kill scientists who have assembled to build devices to destroy the world. This game can be played online in a browser or on iOS and Android, including the OUYA. The blog post only focuses on the first "League of Evil" game, as there were two sequels to this title.

NOTE: This blog post is based on my experience playing "League of Evil" on the OUYA.

League of Evil

League of Evil
^ from: (Google Play) - Scientists have joined forces to build weapons of mass destruction. This group, called the "League of Evil," must be stopped! Here is where you come in to try to foil this dastardly plot.

As usual, I must provide some insight on whatever I mention. So take a look at this to learn more about League of Evil.

The story behind "League of Evil" is that several scientists have banded together to develop weapons of mass destruction. You are a highly-trained operative who sets out to kill these scientists across 54 brief levels in the main story. This is a game that is a combination of platforming and puzzle solving. You will have to avoid things such as enemy attacks, spikes, and other dangers. Can you save the world from destruction by foiling this evil plot?

From my OUYA experience with this game, the game features the main story of "League of Evil" along with "Lite Missions." League of Evil is free to play outside of the browser version, but there are in-app purchases that allow you to play additional missions of "League of Evil." So you can play extra missions if you enjoy the two missions offered.


These are things to be mindful of should you get to play "League of Evil."

• The goal of each stage is to find the scientist and kill that scientist in the level. In addition to trying to find and kill the scientist, there is also a briefcase hidden in each level. It is not required for you find the briefcase. However, if you want the best possible score for a level, find the briefcase and kill the scientist within a certain specified time.

• Your run is judged by how quickly you complete the level. Completing the level within a certain par time will give you the maximum three stars. Most stages have time goals between 10 seconds to almost 30 seconds.

• You can always go back to any level to improve your score for that level. You can find the briefcase you may have missed or try to complete the stage with a faster time.

• If you take damage at any point of the level, the game is over. You must either try that stage again or retire from that level or the game. You have infinite continues.

• If you want to judge your performance in a level that you retry, allow Ghosts to be saved. All of your failed ghost attempts will feature you covered in red.

Having mentioned all of this, here are my final thoughts...

Final Thoughts.

League of Evil can be a lot of fun to play. The fairly brief levels make for an engaging experience that doesn't entirely feel repetitive. The challenges and dangers do not feel entirely frustrating, but every level can mostly be completed fairly and doesn't seem too difficult to clear each stage. It probably wouldn't make the game better or worse, but I think some boss battles would make this game a bit more interesting. It still is a pretty good, pretty intense game. Plenty of action for a game you could play for hours on end. I'd say this game here is a winner. Maybe you'll see it the same way, too.

Want to Play?

Did I convince you about "League of Evil?" If I did, then here is where you can play or download the game:

League of Evil - official
League of Evil (browser, on Kongregate)
League of Evil (Steam)
League of Evil (Android)
League of Evil (iOS)
League of Evil (Amazon)
League of Evil (OUYA)

And here is a video preview of the game:

^ "League of Evil - Android Trailer"

Remember that "League of Evil" is free, but the non-browser versions have in-app purchases.

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