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Prancing Elites

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We often romanticize cheerleaders, especially female ones. Most people don't even know or care about male cheerleaders. Now imagine this- Black, gay, cheerleading males. Far fetched? No. Meet the Prancing Elites of Mobile, Alabama, USA. In researching a topic, I came across these guys while both researching a blog topic and also working on an eBook. I had a chance to look at a bunch of videos as well as see some other online material on them. This is my opportunity to showcase these individuals in this blog post.

Prancing Elites

I'll try to find another image if I am unable to use it. But anyhow, here is a picture I found featuring the Prancing Elites. This sets the mood for this blog post:

Prancing Elites
^ from: - Meet the Prancing Elites.

The Prancing Elites is a cheerleading squad consisting of gay Black males. This is a group based in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Normally, the image of a male cheerleader is mostly of some guys performing routines along with female cheerleaders. Most male cheerleaders often don't wear really appealing outfits. Well, the Prancing Elites are different. This is a group of guys who wear cheerleading outfits of cropped tops, short shorts, and even bodysuits. These alone would make most people cringe at the notion of seeing males (let alone Black males) wearing outfits you normally would see any average cheerleader wear and perform routines any average cheerleader would perform. Even for the sake of being different, the Prancing Elites should be worthy of some credit. Even Shaquille O'Neal ("Shaq," of course) thought the Prancing Elites were cool. Their popularity has garnered them a reality TV series on Oxygen called "The Prancing Elites Project."

Now let's look at a few issues regarding the Prancing Elites.

Prancing Elites vs. Mainstream Perception.

I will try to be careful choosing my words for this section.

Our society is so wrapped up in social norms and certain perceptions. For one, we tend to think of Black males as being "hard" and freakishly athletic. We may even see hip-hop music videos of them living fabulous dream lives. The idea of someone gay usually disgusts some people. We also tend to romanticize females who have lustful body features. So when you think of a cheer company such as the Prancing Elites, there will be people who will be disgusted at the sight of gay Black males wearing skimpy cheerleader outfits and parading around in high-energy dance routines. Or maybe some people actually would find them entertaining- to the point of being the basis of memes and cruel jokes.

It Ain't Easy Being a Prancing Elite...

The Prancing Elites will admit that they get lots of threats and homophobic insults. Just about anyone would get any sort of cruel looks or be the butt of most peoples' jokes. Had the Prancing Elites been students in grade school, they would likely be the ones to most be bullied and made fun of simply because they aren't as "cool" as the "cool kids" at school. The Prancing Elites are mostly unapologetic and do what they do because they love cheerleading.

The Prancing Elites and Homophobia...

There would be people who feel like they need to go to an eye doctor or visit a psychologist after seeing males in feminine cheerleader outfits like with the Prancing Elites. Like some (especially heterosexual males) who will think, "yuck! I saw a dude's butt!" or "...I just saw hot legs... from a guy!" These would be the same types who are romanticized or aroused at the image of feminine beauty... only to be disgusted to find out the one with such feminine appeal is either a male or someone who was born a male.

I am not going to convince everyone who is against the Prancing Elites to think otherwise. At the same time, though, one would be foolish to say this cheer group represents anything that is wrong with America or society. Most of what they do is no different from any average cheer group or cheer company. So maybe they are different because these are gay Black males parading around in cheer outfits and performing cheer routines. This is at least a cheer group that is very different from the norm. Regardless of sexual orientation, the main point of what the Prancing Elites exhibit is primarily about the love of cheerleading. Let us not forget there is a certain passion involved regardless of the fact these are gay Black males performing cheerleading.

Homophobic types will immediately find the Prancing Elites as a disgrace to humanity and society. Some seriously homophobic types probably even wish to commit violence against such individuals. They would probably think, "who thought it was a great idea to have gay Black males as cheerleaders, wearing cheerleader outfits, and performing cheerleading routines?" The Prancing Elites are no more different of cheerleaders as any usual cheer company or group. So what if a male wants to be a cheerleader and dress up in feminine cheerleading outfits? If a male wants to take part in something like this and has the passion to cheer his heart out like any female cheerleader, why hold back or think he has no business being a cheerleader? And it would make that male honestly no less of a person just because he chooses to exhibit himself and conduct himself like almost any usual female cheerleader. He isn't a "sissy" or a "wimp" for choosing to be this way. The Prancing Elites are not going to back down or be told what they can and can't do. You don't have to like the Prancing Elites (even if you aren't homophobic), but at least respect them and respect what they do. Also, what makes you think the Prancing Elites are a disgrace to society and humanity? Have they killed people or animals? Have they plotted acts of terror or conspired to commit massacres? Or do you only dislike them because you simply hate what the Prancing Elites stand for? Simply being anyone in the realm of LGBT is not anything worth hating to the point of them being the bane of society or humanity.

My Final Thoughts on the Prancing Elites.

The Prancing Elites may not be to everyone's liking, but this is a most unique group of gay Black cheerleading males. Cheerleading is cheerleading no matter who does it and of what sexual orientation of the cheerleaders. The Prancing Elites should be inspirational in a sense because they do what they want to do and don't feel like they have to apologize for being themselves. If you dislike the Prancing Elites, that's fine. But if you see the Prancing Elites as some kind of disgrace, why so? The Prancing Elites are no different a cheerleading group as any more proper cheerleading group. Only instead of mostly girls and a few guys that make up the team, this is all a bunch of gay Black males doing most of the same cheerleading routines. One thing I may not be sure of is if there could possibly be other cheerleading groups of gay males that could get popular.

Reading YouTube comments of one video of the Prancing Elites were more along the lines of saying the Prancing Elites are a disgrace to Black people. Some even may go as far they are a disgrace to humanity. I say no and no. It may be disgusting to a lot of people seeing such males performing in such routines and exhibiting themselves in this manner. However, what makes the Prancing Elites such a disgrace? What- the fact these are gay males (let alone gay Black males) doing most of the same cheer routines and dances as any usual cheerleading group? These guys are not killing cheerleading. They are not ruining the game. The Prancing Elites should be an example of people wanting to do what they want to do because they love doing it. In no way should anyone have to feel like the Prancing Elites are individuals who disgrace humanity. If there is something you want to do and love to do no matter what people think of you, do it. Why let people stop you in your pursuit of happiness and for your own personal gratification? Why hold back? I'm sure this is something the Prancing Elites would teach others if they did speeches and such.

If anything, the Prancing Elites should be thought of as a group of individuals who don't feel they have to apologize for being themselves. This cheer group is out to have fun and add energy to any space. So even if you don't like them, you don't have to like them. They'll be just fine cheering their hearts out and being their own inspiration to others.

Video Preview.

Let me share with you a bit of what the Prancing Elites are all about. This is a video montage featuring the Prancing Elites in a variety of routines and such. You may need to adjust the volume at parts of the video:

^ Prancing Elites: High Road to Fame

So now you know about the Prancing Elites more than I provided in text.

I hope you found this blog and this blog post to be interesting. Please take care of yourselves and be sure to Subscribe for more from me. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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