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Level Up!

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Level Up! is a game about personal growth. This indie platformer game from Nifty Hat is a unique one using the Flixel framework. You must upgrade your abilities to defeat a boss and to gain full control of your abilities and memory. I will try to introduce you this game that you may enjoy. So welcome to "John's Blog Space!"

Level Up!

"Level Up!" is an independent game that has you take control of this girl as she collects gems to regain her abilities. The game was built on the Flixel framework- a free, open-source programming language good for personal and commercial projects. The game I am mentioning is a game on Newgrounds released in 2009.

In this game, you play as a girl who noticed something strange happen- her fence being damaged. A certain male figure is there. There is one problem with this girl- she has memory issues. Performing various tasks and collecting gems will help jog her memory. This is one of the most unique platformers in which you must try to keep doing certain tasks and gain various abilities to successfully clear the game. As you store your abilities in the Codex, you will be able to learn all of your surroundings and abilities.

Everything you do- even standing still- equates to experience. The more you jump and run, the better your abilities are improved. You will need to go around the world collecting gems that can be exchanged for learning various abilities and even boosting some aspects of your leveling. Visiting all points of the game world also help add to your overall completion of the game. If there is one thing you must do, it is to try to max out all of your abilities once you find a major computer. There is also a certain figure whom you must defeat to complete the game and gain 100% completion. If you fail to defeat this boss, you must go into the world again and upgrade all of your abilities to the best of their ability.

The Abilities.

There are a number of abilities you must try to upgrade.

• Idle - simply standing still can be upgraded.
• Relationship - flirting with the guy who broke your fence will help give you more health.
• Run - you run faster at higher levels.
• Jump - you can jump higher at higher levels.
• Collect - you can collect gems better and easier at higher levels.
• Interact - your ability to interact with objects and entities can be upgraded.
• Healing - when you learn to Regenerate, you heal energy faster.
• Fortitude - when you learn Fortitude, your recovery from being stunned improves at higher levels.

These are among the many I immediately remember. The rest is up to you!

Other Things to Remember.

Meeting all of the individuals and visiting all of the different locations are also part of getting 100% completion. You even will need to take damage from the various monsters and certain hazards to get full completion.

Final Thoughts.

"Level Up!" will really take your time as you try to acquire as many abilities as possible and even try to defeat that one boss character. The game is very unique as a platformer. There are a lot of silly moments here. Despite this, I think the game is very funny and unique. Once you get the hang of it, a lot of the game becomes fairly easy. The best bit of advice I can provide is to try to upgrade your abilities as best as you can. Then, try to beat the boss character to retain your abilities rather than have to try all over again to upgrade everything.

For More Information...

So, do you want to try your luck with "Level Up!"? Here is where you can play it: "Level Up!" on Newgrounds. I hope you enjoy it!

That's all for this blog post. Glad you could be here to enjoy the ride... or hopefully enjoy the ride. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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