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Quake 2

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Quake 2 offers an enhanced experience from Quake 1. A total graphics overhaul and even more intense action were to come from id Software in this title from 1997. Hard-hitting action is guaranteed with this title. But is this action any good? Find out in my review of "Quake 2" here on "John's Blog Space!" Don't worry- I will make your time here worth your while.

Quake 2

Time to meet Quake 2.

Quake 2
^ from: - Quake 2 offers an experience much greater than Quake 1 and with better graphics and more intense game play.

Quake 2 has little to no relation to Quake 1. Whereas Quake 1 was mostly concerned with a fantasy-based setting across certain time eras, Quake 2 was more futuristic. In Quake 2, the world is in ruins after an alien race known as the Strogg killed millions of people and destroyed many cities. You are among the Space Marines to try to pay back the aliens a thousand times over by fighting the Strogg on the planet Stroggos. You are going to do so by battling intense creatures, cyborgs, and various bosses. Massive levels and a host of objectives will keep you busy as you try to defeat the Strogg. Quake 2 has been released on PC, PlayStation 1, and Nintendo 64. I think someone even made Quake 2 available for Android.

Quake 2 is a beautiful game, even for its time and even today. It was an impressive graphical overhaul compared to Quake 1. You can even take advantage of 3D accelerators to further enhance the 3D graphics. If the 3D doesn't blow you away, maybe the soundtrack provided by Sonic Mayhem will get your blood pumping. Another amazing aspect of Quake 2 was its multiplayer. As few as two and many as 32 players could play in various multiplayer games with Quake 2. Needless to say, this one will give you plenty to play and talk about.

You begin with a basic blaster pistol. Traverse through the many stages and battle a handful of nasty enemies ranging from beasts to cyborgs. You will be finding many weapons and items to help you along the way. You must also complete multiple objectives in massive levels. These massive levels are even broken up into different sections. So when you try to complete the levels, you are going to have to do a lot. Quake 2 can be modded with characters, levels, and more. I even have downloaded a few character mods for Quake 2 long ago when I played it.

Let me offer some final thoughts on Quake 2. Please go to the next section.

Quake 2: Final Thoughts

Quake 1 was a game changer with all kinds of impressive detail and content. Quake 2 took Quake 1 and made the Quake series even better. I would argue Quake 2 was perhaps one of the greatest games of the 1990s and still an amazing first-person shooter. Other first-person shooters since Q2 have looked prettier and offered more content, but there is no denying Quake 2 is an amazing game. Prepare to spend hours trying to best the Strogg aliens in intense and frenzied battle. There is very little to complain about Quake 2. It is a must-play game if you are any kind of gamer, let alone any kind of first-person shooter fan.

I wanted to add a video preview, but I was unable to find a decent one to share with you all.

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