Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Recent Rise to Fame

John Marine | 9/17/2009 11:33:00 PM |
I've created a video based on my ideas of KanYe West's deplorable acts at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. In case you don't know what happened, I made this video:

As a by-product of this, I've acheived some sort of attention. So what went into posting this video on YouTube? This is my chance to share my first experience of having a truly successful video.

Upload it, and They Will Come
There is a science involved in making a video. I wanted to make a video on KanYe West's deplorable act at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. I didn't try to make a video until understanding exactly all that happened. Someone passed along a video to me involving one young man's look at KanYe West's lack of class when taking the microphone away from Taylor Swift. The channel "KSicsFaces" ( did a video and quickly released it to YouTube in regards to his thoughts on KanYe West's poor comments. After learning more about the incident, I went ahead and prepared my notes on my whiteboard.

The next step for me was to prepare the video. I had lots of takes, so I wanted to get everything right or as close to right as possible. I made sure to post my video as a response to the video KSicsFaces made. This got me some exposure and some popularity.

Growing an Audience
Upon releasing and sharing this video with others, I've gotten to get myself some exposure. Let me tell you. I was at about 130 subscribers this past Saturday. On yesterday (Wednesday), I would acheive 147 subscribers. So I've gotten 17 more subscribers between Saturday and Wednesday.

Acknowledging Success
What would cross my mind was surprise, but also triumph. It means that I created a video worthy of various other people praising my work. I looked on the YouTube Insight and was surprised. When I did my video on BYU vs. Oklahoma back in April, it netted over 950 daily video views one day as the game concluded. It was the first time I surpassed the 500+ daily video views mark. A day or so after making my video on KanYe West stealing Taylor Swift's thunder, I would not only pass the 1,000+ view mark for a single day of video views, I'd SURpass it! I estimated that I got over 2,200 daily video views for just my lone video. This was reflected in my Insight graph, seeing view counts skyrocket to 2,200 views. I noted that people have favorited my video as well as post a comment or two (I got about 56 on my last count, excluding deleting any hater comments. One of the biggest showings of honor and respect was that I received a window titled "Earn Money From Your Video." It was a fantastic accomplishment to be able to create a video knowing I could actually profit from it. So here's what I've accomplished with this video in just a few days.

My video...
* ...has gotten the most-ever views (3,897 at my last count).
* the first quickest to 500 and 1,000 views in my personal history on YouTube.
* has a blue window saying "Earn Money From Your Video"
* ...most viewed and discussed all-time

My acheivements on YouTube, with this video, includes:
* The first time I've gotten over 1,000 daily video views. I have a new all-time high daily video count of 2,200 daily video views from this past Tuesday
* had 130 subscribers on Saturday, picked up 17 more to make it 147 subscribers.
* 1,000+ daily video views in successive days. I've also reached getting 1,500+ daily video views in successive days.

--- My Message to Everyone ---
This goes to show one thing- NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER stop trying! Success will come your way (let alone on YouTube) if you keep trying. This is really one of my biggest breaks on YouTube in ten months on YouTube. So far, I haven't gotten any honors, but it would be amazing if I did get my first honor. It will mean that I will now have some confidence knowing that I can make more videos that end up becoming successful. It's this peace of mind that allows me to believe ANY of my videos can become viral or successful.

Now here's something that makes me sound like I'm getting ahead of myself... if I successfully become a YouTube Partner, I've already put together a few images to help build my YouTube Partner-type images. They're mostly in prototype stage, but I'm still thinking of what my material would look like if I went through with all of the additional graphics. To me, I feel like I'm coming of age. People have now cared about me to where I feel confident I can make more successful videos. Then to, I have to challenge myself to keep making successful videos. That's even if I make a habit of making my videos as video responses to much more popular videos. Got to ride the hot hand and keep on keeping on.

Right now, I need to change a lot of things to really become a full-fledged YouTube Partner. So I am considering the offer. I'm also considering AdSense for YouTube AND for this blog you're reading.

Thanks to everyone for viewing this. Now I know I need to try to make other videos become this successful. I know I can do it, and I need YOUR help! Thank you so much for caring about my channel and videos, even if just one!
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