Monday, September 28, 2009

Why Concede Defeat?

John Marine | 9/28/2009 10:53:00 PM |
GTPlanet is a wonderful website. Just today (9/28/2009), I came across one site online that had some "good" advice after GT5 was told to be delayed another six+ months. Check this out:

Forza 3: Leaving a Delayed GT5 in the Pits

Among many of the points mentioned in this thread, this has basically been along the lines of conceding defeat. What got me upset was just how easily most people concede defeat and don't give things a chance. "Give things a chance" has been my theme for my YouTube channel and even this blog you're reading right now. The problem I have with most fans of Gran Turismo games (or almost any fan of anything for that matter) is that they give up too easy for a game. Some people just have a spoiled brat attitude in which they want something right now, even if they have to throw a hissy fit in hopes they get whatever it is they want. Almost as if fans of something want something to the point where they always want to have things THEIR way. But because this is not how the industry works, people will have to suffer.

--- Perspective ---
My Houston Texans of the NFL played against the New York Jets on Week 1. As soon as we lost 24-7, the Texans fans all thought this season was over, like this is the BCS where you need to win almost every game to play for a championship. And that's the problem- fans gave up too early and don't care much to see a team they love make any noise. Was Oklahoma's season declared over because they didn't beat BYU? No. People give up too early on things.

Though the wait for Gran Turismo 4 was long, did we all love it when we played it? Many did, many didn't. But at least it was released. That's unlike "Duke Nukem Forever," which is pretty much dead even with Texas' own 3D Realms folding. Can you make the case that delayed games can become failures? It's called "Malice." Malice was released, but it was meant to be a game to really expose and exhibit what the XBOX was capable of. Did it happen? No.

--- Why Give Up So Early on a Gran Turismo Game? ---
This is my problem with some fans. Gran Turismo, as a series, is the best racing series of the modern era. Fans mostly expect a gratifying and loving experience because that's been what the GT series has provided for more than ten years. But the moment some people anticipate something that isn't going to be liked by others, they immediately start lashing out at either Gran Turismo and/or PD. I would never say "lower your expectations," but at least be mindful that this is a video game, not an economic bailout. It's like people think it's a broken record when a delay happens.

People give up too easily on things. You predict a negative future when the future isn't now. If you're a real fan, you'd stick with something you like and have patience. You don't stop hoping. We waited for GT4. We're waiting for GT5. And it isn't like we're deserving of getting this game as early as possible.

--- Parting Thoughts ---
In case you have some foul comments against me, trust me when I say I've been hated on severely on GTPlanet by some people. Mostly all because my train of thought differs greatly from the general consensus. Do realize that I'm one human being out of 6.6 billion people. I know people are upset with a game being delayed, especially that of a Gran Turismo game. Exercise some more patience. The game will be released unless something WELL outside of our control happens.

The majority of this blog concerned Gran Turismo, but let this also be a lesson in life. NEVER give up on anything! Never stop believing, never stop hoping, never abandon things you love. If it took Rutgers University a seemingly long time to finally make a Bowl game since their last postseason berth, then anything is possible. Never stop believing and hoping. Sure, the people on the other end need to deliver, but you always keep a positive heart.
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