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Should Tourist Trophy Have a Sequel?

John Marine | 10/01/2009 11:58:00 PM |
Depending upon who you ask, Tourist Trophy is either the best modern motorcycle racing game, or a glorified GT4 mod featuring motorcycles. Tourist Trophy is a game that combines racing street bikes and competition bikes in one game. Execution may vary, but this is still a very good game from the makers of the Gran Turismo series. Some people think Tourist Trophy was a failed experiment. I beg to differ, as you're about to see in this blog entry.

--- WHY Should Tourist Trophy Have a Sequel? ---
While others just don't want to try anything new and don't want to envision a better game, Tourist Trophy (to me) is a game of good execution, but can be much better. A number of things gives this game the level of challenge that it has. The least of which includes:

* rolling starts rather than standing starts
* Challenge Mode to access certain bikes
* tough races

Why should there be a sequel? The main reason why is because there isn't really any other good current motorcycle racing game with street and racing bikes. If any company is willing to enhance the experience, it's Polyphony Digital. I hate for PD to think this is a failed experiment to try to make a good motorcycle racing game in addition to the storied Gran Turismo series. It's like something I tell myself- don't always focus on the negatives people give you. Instead, try to focus on the positives. So let's look at some positives with a speculative view.

--- What Would Tourist Trophy Have for the PS3? ---
There would be a number of elements, including...

* Possibly well over 4 bikes to a track. I am not sure what is considered a decent number of bikes to a track, but anywhere in the range of 16 to 24 is acceptable.

* Standing starts. Imagine being lined up on the grid and getting up to speed while making a mad wheelie preparing for the madness a superbike race can provide. Imagine trying to take on other riders in an epic clash. Will we ever see those three-wide and four-wide starts?

* Online possibilities. Imagine going up against a virtual pack that can be its own MotoGP or World Superbike grand prix race. There isn't a great motorcycle racing game right now, so why not PD take the motorcycle gaming realm, twist the throttle, and run at hi revs to provide an online gaming experience?

Those are just possibilities. Now let's talk about continuing what the first game started.

--- Expansion and Enhancement ---

Tourist Trophy left lots to wonder about if there's ever a Tourist Trophy 2. I will look at a few key areas for you. Feel free to add your own input.

More Manufacturers?
These are the companies that comprised Tourist Trophy:
* Honda
* Kawasaki
* Suzuki
* Yamaha
* BMW Motorrad
* MV Agusta
* Aprilia
* Triumph
* Ducati
* Buell
* Yoshimura
* Moriwaki

There are a bunch of other motorcycle makers out there. Here are many as I use this link:

Would you like to see bikes in a Tourist Trophy sequel from companies like these:
* Benelli
* Bimota
* Hyosung
* Caviga
* Gilera
* Derbi
* Vespa
* Moto Guzzi
* Peugeot
* Proton (only made the Proton KR)

And how about these to add some diversity:
* Piaggio
* Monotracer
* Arctic Cat
* Can-Am
* Harley-Davidson <<< once had an entry in AMA Superbike * Victory * Campagna ...and more of these kinds of bikes: * motards * touring bikes * cruisers (to an extent) * streetfighters * cafe racers * sidecar race bikes (would be cool, also different!) Let's not forget a few teams, also, like Harris WCM. Let's also not forget some special racing bikes. The only one I can name without delay is the Castrol Honda RVF-RC45.  

--- More Kinds of Racing? ---
Doing circuit racing can be fun. But among other kinds of motorcyclists, there are a variety of other ways to enjoy two-wheeled fun. Here are a few examples:

* Flat Track Racing. The most famous flat track race in America is the Springfield Mile. Think of taking some dirt bikes or some cruisers, and make the most of going sideways.

* Drag Racing. The basics would be seeing street bikes blast down the 1/4 mile or in 1/8 mile drag racing. The extremes would include NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycles or even some of the FIA Drag Racing Bikes.

* Motocross and Supermoto. Motocross is about the most exciting form of motorcycle racing. Imagine taking the green flag against a field of about 16 or so riders. Imagine taking on the whoops of most traditional motocross courses. Imagine flying higher and further than you ever could dream. Imagine doing being your own James "Bubba" Stewart, Chad Reed, Tony Dungey, Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, or whatever. Motocross is great fun! Supermoto is a combination of tarmac racing and motocross all as part as one event. Those motard bikes would be best left to take on races other than circuit racing. Come on! Let's make the most of that motard deal including the motard riding position!

* "Real" Road Racing. I'm talking about racing on country roads. Think of Irish Road Racing taking place on public country roads while riding some sportbikes or superbikes. The creme de la creme would be featuring all of the Isle of Man TT.

--- Customization of Motorcycles? ---
Tourist Trophy gave you barely anything to customize motorcycles. I can think of maybe purchasing parts like sprockets, brakes, custom bike stands, swingarms, tires, exterior modifications, and more. Even think of simply taking off or taping up lights to go racing. Either that, or even giving you the power to customize your motorcycle to be the best speed demon or the coolest-looking bike there is.

--- Will a Sequel EVER Happen for Tourist Trophy? ---
Maybe or maybe not. I don't think there will ever be another Tourist Trophy for the same reason there may not be another Enthusia- not as well-liked of a game to even warrant a sequel. I have to believe that by harnessing the power of the PlayStation 3 and the ingenuity of Polyphony Digital, that if they were to make another Tourist Trophy, they could make the sequel even better than the first. My opinions won't force anything, but I think a sequel to this game can give motorcycle lovers the chance to digitally enjoy motorcycle racing all the further.

If you want a video answer to how I feel about this, check out my video here:

Link: Should Tourist Trophy Have a Sequel?

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